Anna Sabidussi inaugurated as professor of International Business at Avans University of Applied Sciences

On Wednesday the 13th of October Anna Sabidussi, professor of International Business at Avans Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Business, has presented her inaugural lecture Panta Rhei.

It was an inspiring and pleasant event with contributions from Jacomine Ravensbergen, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board and Portfolio holder for Research and Sandra Rambow, president of the Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Business (ESB).  

The presentation was a summary of the book professor Anna Sabidussi has written Panta Rhei – The power of transitions

“Panta Rhei” (attributed to Heraclitus of Ephesus, 535BC) illustrates the idea that continuous transformations are at the very essence of our universe. In a dynamic, ever-changing, interconnected world, the focus of the chair is on the transformations needed to transition towards sustainable, restorative and regenerative business practices. For these transitions to unfold, re-thinking and re-designing the role of International Business and Global Value Chains for the economy, the society and the planet are essential.

Perhaps you missed it and would like to watch her fascinating presentation?

You will find a video recording here 

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