Global Entrepeneurship Week at Avans University of Applied Sciences

World Café is a joint initiative organized by AOC and the International Business Lectorate (ESB). This event is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week activities. Theme of the event has been : “Is our location Millennial Proof? “ The participants have been invited to join an extraordinary experience centred around a triple helix approach where students, millennials, leaders in education, business, government and labour representation share their thoughts and vision. On 20 November
opens the event with the participants magically finding themselves in 2030: The breaking news of the day is that The Netherlands have become the #1 country destination for millennials and for (millennial) entrepreneurs.
During the session, the participants have been invited to imagine all the actions/measures/policies/changes in 2025 that caused the above scenario to become true in 2030. Therefore, the debate has been aimed at answering the question: “If the above scenario is reality in 2030, what happened in 2025 that can explain this outcome?”
The setting of the event has been a World Café, a form of collaborative dialogue to stimulate a creative exchange of thoughts, an open flow of ideas and original thinking.
The participants engaged in creative discussion around five key themes : Education Systems and Learning, Private Sector Evolution, Regional/Local Initiatives, (Trans-) National Institutional Framework and Societal Dynamics.
An outstanding group of panel members has inspired the audience with their insights and experiences. We have been grateful for the participation to the event of :

Christian Heerings – Commercial Director CCO Greenport Venlo
Marit Maij – Director CNV International (former member of Parliament)
Sjoerd Hardeman – Senior Economist Rabobank Group
Yvonne Kanters – Dean ASIS at Avans

Closing the event, the plenary session has been an opportunity for enlarging the debate and discussing about the society, the country and the economy we are all committed to develop.
The follow-up is to use the report with the key insights from the event to open a broader debate with key stakeholders and engage in concrete impactful projects.

NMB_2019 (Netherlands Means Business 2019)
The afternoon session has been dedicated to a meeting with 150 international companies from more than 20 countries organized by the partner INCO Business Group.

Anna Sabidussi, lector International Business has been invited by INCO Business Group to chair the opening session of the event. Theme of her session during the Dutch Start-up Day2019 has been “What makes an interesting entrepreneurial climate? ”
In her keynote speech Anna Sabidussi has presented some key facts and figures about entrepreneurship in Europe and in The Netherlands, discussing with the audience about the opportunities and the challenges for global enterprises to moving/establishing their business in The Netherlands. She has also chaired the panel discussion with representatives of business and local communities supporting international entrepreneurs.

The panel members Peter Brouwers (Breda Start-up), Dennis Vermeulen (INCO) and Erwin van der Meer (Gemeente Breda) have discussed the benefits of choosing the right location for a new business venture and the possibilities offered by the Breda region. In the conversation with the chair and the audience, the panel members have offered insightful reflections and thoughts about the climate that is favorable for starting and developing a company in the southern part of The Netherlands.
The events have been a success engaging the participants to reflect, debate and take initiatives.