Tom, once a whopping 25-pounder, lost 8 pounds after being adopted into a home with a catio! Toxic outdoor plants such as lilies, azaleas, cyclamen, or the bulbs of tulips and hyacinth also endanger cats. )—and … … Just like indoor cats, outdoor cats can also suffer from diseases and syndromes that cause vomiting — not to mention the fact that they are at risk for eating many disgusting or toxic things. Mice, rats and oppossums nest in hay and straw and leave behind disease ridden feces that can be passed on to the horses. By allowing cats access to the outdoors you provide them with different environments and a larger area to roam. Also if cats are fed at a certain time, they will not feel inclined to always be outside since they know a cozy bed and nice food awaits them. Outdoor benefits Bigger territory – allowing your cat outdoor access not only increases the space available to them, but also the variety of environment Natural behaviour – cats with outdoor access are able to express their natural behaviour and can do so in a setting that is more ‘acceptable’ to the owner. One of the great benefits to letting your cat roam free is the reality that he will find his own amusement. 2. It's entertaining for cats to explore new territory. Because of the evolutionary history of felines, which leads to a preference for the sound of running water, chances are your cat will like drinking from a fountain. Is your cat a predator of birds and wildlife? The stakes are much higher on the cons side, too. With determination, innovation and collaboration, cat-wildlife conflicts can be humanely resolved by implementing and sustaining effective programs. Cats are also smart, and don't necessarily just land in trouble. Even cats that show no fuss about drinking from a plain dish typically adapt well to drinking fountains. Cats can also bring physical health benefits to their owners. Fact: Many cats have successfully gone from outdoor-only or indoor/outdoor to indoor-only. He’s an indoor only cat and he’s quite happy that way. Family structure has changed so that both owners often work, spending long hours away from the home. Outdoor Cats. The benefits. Indoor cats live on average 10-15 years, while outdoor cats live on average 2-5 years This handout is intended to help you sort out the pros and cons associated with each lifestyle so you can rest assured your cat In our years at our homestead, I think we’ve had one mouse and it barely made it out of the air vent before our calico cat stopped it in … A lot of people think that it is ok for cats to be outside. As I mentioned, I feed a lot of stray cats that come across our property so they’ll hang around and eat any outdoor mice. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that three to four million cats – community and owned − enter animal shelters every year. On the other hand, some cats prefer to prowl along the ground and older cats may not find enclosures that require lots of jumping or climbing easily … Benefits of Catios. In today’s’ Topic, we will go over 10 benefits of Insulated Outdoor Cat houses. Benefits to the Individual . Social contact – Outdoor cats can have social stimulation if they want to interact with other cats in the area. The belief that indoor cats can become lazy and overweight is not true and can be combated with scheduled play times. They may be the most destructive invasive species, the “single greatest source of anthropogenic mortality for U.S. birds and mammals” according to a study (pdf) co-authored by scientists at the Smithsonian … Cats who are kept indoors can reach the ripe old age of 17 or more years, whereas outdoor cats live an average of just two to five years. Outdoor Cats. So, two or more unneutered male cats in the same household can spell trouble. The average life span of indoor cats is about 14 years – though this is reduced to 4 years in cats that are allowed to roam free, exposing themselves to the hazards of outdoor life. When a TNR program is implemented, community cats and humans can coexist peacefully. In addition, cats pose a … A big enclosure also makes life easier on cats who are making the switch from an all-outdoor existence. Free-ranging domestic cats are an environmental disaster. Outdoor cats include community cats (stray lost and abandoned pet cats and unsocialized feral cats) as well as owned cats that are allowed to roam. 4. Benefits of life indoors. Whether you are building it for your outdoor cat, the neighborhood felines, or some feral cats, below are some of the reasons why building a winter house for cats is a great idea. Health Concerns– When it comes to outdoor cats, there are 2 major health concerns: disease and … You might even consider planting a few of these herbs as a cute little cat garden. Does your indoor cat want out? However, there are also many benefits to letting your cat go out: Rodent control – Cats help to keep the rodent population around your home at bay. A lot of people think that it is ok for cats to be outside. Outdoor cats get that natural stimulation they need.” Of course, an indoor cat (or a restrained outdoor cat) will not be doing much hunting, but you can simulate that activity with a variety of cat toys, like the Pet Fit For Life feather wand cat toy or the Cat Dancer wand cat toy . For some people, keeping a cat indoors permanently is considered cruel. Some cats also just enjoy climbing or hanging out in high places, and these types of outdoor cat enclosures are also great for helping young cats get lots of exercise. about their safety outside of the house. Outdoor cat enthusiasts claim cats love the outdoors, which is often true, but the dangers outweigh the benefits. So, if you want to be healthy and live a little bit longer, consider owning a cat. Even indoor cats can slip out the door and get lots, and wearing identification, whether it’s a collar and tag, or a microchip, can increase the chances of a lost cat being returned to its home. Indoor Cats vs. Gives indoor cats the chance to experience the great outdoors. Feline leukemia, feline AIDS (FIV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), … Free-roaming outdoor cats are at risk for a shortened life, while a cat that stays indoors or uses an enclosed catio may live up to 15 years or more. Cats need some form of identification, regardless of whether they’re indoor or indoor/outdoor cats. While there are many sound reasons for keeping your cat indoors, there are several benefits associated with outdoor life. “Providing cats with outdoor access in enclosures ensures we are good cat … Outdoor Benefits for Cats. The benefits of having outdoor cats is rodent/pest control. A lot of cat owners feel guilty about keeping their cat inside, and worry that they are depriving their cat of natural instincts or fresh air and sunshine. Are you worried about your outdoor cat’s safety? That may not sound like a big deal but if you take into consideration the damage that rodents can do to a farm, it really is significant. Traditional views that cats require the freedom to roam outdoors have few pros. It’s hard to find benefits to letting your cat be an outdoor kitty. There are clear positives of keeping a cat inside permanently. 3. The ultimate goal is to dramatically and humanely reduce the number of cats outdoors, leading to much less risk and harm to the cats… They’re typically happy indoors, especially if they have a good window to survey the surrounding kingdom (which, of course, is theirs, too). Like many cat lovers, you may have thought about letting your cat go outside. Vaccines are a crucial aspect of routine veterinary care. In fact, building a cat's playground can become a terrific weekend DIY project. For others, it is an act of love. Engage with your cat. Find out which herbs are safe for cats (and may even benefit them! If your cat goes to the bathroom outside, you won’t have to clean the litter box as often. Cats provide a number of benefits that can lead to a longer life, including a form of social interaction. The key, again, is making sure the indoor environment is just as interesting as outside — and being vigilant about preventing escape attempts. Outdoor Cats FAQ. A study at the University of Minnesota showed a 30 to 40% less risk of … Increases human mental and physical health: Studies show that caring for cats can improve people’s mental and physical health. Pet parents may be surprised to learn that there are a number of herbs safe for cats. Outdoor cats are an environmental disaster. Plus, I keep 2 indoor cats so I don’t end up with a mouse in the house. Before you proceed with the process of creating a DIY outdoor cat shelter, you need to consider the benefits of making one. Herbs have many culinary and medicinal benefits—and not just for humans! 1. Most cats don’t even need to be outdoor cats. Tagged as: Blood pressure, Cat, health benefits cats, Heart disease, Stroke. (In addition to a dramatically lowered life expectancy, there is an increased risk of disease.) You can purchase cat towers or build your own. My cat hates being outside. There are risks to having a cat going outdoors, but I think the results are more positive and with each case we ought to use our judgment. At least half of them are euthanized. Statistics show that indoor cats lead longer, healthier lives than outdoor cats. That takes a load off you, … The majority of outdoor cats maintain a … Reduces Stress and Provides Stimulation; Cats love to explore, it’s natural for them and being outside gives them mental stimulation and works to reduce stress build up. “Indoor cats have a much lower likelihood of becoming hurt or ill from outdoor hazards.” As evidence, indoor cats live longer than their outdoor counterparts. For example, … Keeping an indoor vs. outdoor cat is a debate that has raged for years among owners. Uncontrolled outdoor access is associated with a number of welfare concerns for companion cats, including increased risks of disease and parasites, injury or death due to traffic, predation or ingestion of toxic substances, and getting permanently separated from their owner. Common ground for cats and wildlife. Have a variety of ways for your cats to exercise. Like dogs and small children, cats who are let outdoors without supervision are vulnerable to the dangers of cars, other animals, cruel people, and diseases. If you still need convincing, then here are 11 benefits as to why an outdoor enclosure is exactly what your cat needs! All cats should receive every vaccine available for cats For the average cat, the benefits of an appropriate vaccination program (protection against serious/lethal diseases) far outweigh the potential risks associated with vaccination. Benefits of Letting Your Cat Outside. Read our article Transitioning an Outdoor Cat to Indoors for tips on how to do both. Fights tend to break out, especially if there's a female cat in heat nearby. Contains cats in complete safety without making them feel trapped. An outdoor cat who comes to the veterinarian and is sick or vomiting is a true challenge because the possible causes are many. Indoor cats are usually healthier, too, which saves on veterinary bills for treatment of contagious diseases, parasites, and abscesses from fights with other … Indoor cats typically enjoy a longer life expectancy and better health. By neutering your cats, you'll reduce their aggressive instincts. Most full-sized enclosures are structures of wood and wire that can be freestanding or built against the house so the cat can access it through a window or other opening. Unneutered male cats are driven by hormones to seek mates and defend their territory against intruders.