Each collaboration has provided further insight into what data might make the API even more useful. But the collection development team—three developers working within The Met’s 60-plus-person digital department—knew that, while CSVs are great for data analysis, we would need to make the museum’s data available in a more machine-readable format in order to maximize our reach. Using OpenRefine, we recently added links to the Getty Research Institute’s Union List of Artist Names and Art and Architecture Thesaurus. We opted for a RESTful service with JSON responses, using current web standards to ensure a wide range of systems could consume it. Email. Art, music, dance, and theater have a long, interconnected history. A collaborative effort between the museum’s digital and legal departments, the program—years in the making—required approval from the director’s office and trustees. In our daily environments, which could be our jobs, schools, neighborhoods, or recreational spaces, we certainly meet a … Make sure the cable is properly attached. The source of truth for collection data at The Met is our collections cataloguing system, which allows museum staff to maintain scholarly information about the works in our collection. Lonely. Because picture books are an artform. Drawing Connections: Music Inspired Art As a musician and someone who deals in the visual arts, it’s not hard for me to draw a natural connection between music and art. infoccan@gmail.com. Discover the World’s Top Fine Artists. We knew we needed a way to share consistent collection metadata, like dates, artist names, and object dimensions, across our digital products. Have you ever taken a class in something new to you like ceramics or modern dance and realized it had things in common with, say, your chemistry or social studies class? Welcome to the beautiful world of Connecting Children to Art in Nature! Tech Ladies’ founder and VP of operations discuss hiring practices, compensation, and the potential benefits of full-time remote work. 2 The Legendary Dog Trio Every day, more than 100,000 nonprofit arts and culture organizations serve as the foundation of our nation’s tourism industry. Going outside your comfort zone can create exciting new opportunities! At the time, one of our partners, Google Arts & Culture, was creating online collections from many institutions. We’ve also worked with Wikimedia to refine AI capabilities. To lower the barrier to entry and encourage experimentation, the API has always been open, with no authentication required. It is because of this close connection, we see that when the land is disrespected, damaged or destroyed, there are real impacts on the wellbeing of Indigenous people. Connection definition, the act or state of connecting. On Friday I have a wonderful resource to share. Three remote engineers share what it’s really like to work from afar. In collaboration with Microsoft, we’ve explored how the addition of a keyword data set and artificial intelligence can reveal new connections between works of art. When we began to build the public API, we worked with Google Arts & Culture to identify the key endpoints, data fields, and functionality the platform needed to ingest The Met’s Open Access images and data. While her art remains a strong passion, Desmoulin is a full-time student, studying Indigenous Learning and Psychology with hopes to one day open an Indigenous-oriented OB/GYN. Please explore the information provided here and contact us with any questions you may have. Welcome to Literature part of Connect to Art. How The Metropolitan Museum of Art used a public API to share 5,000 years of human creativity with audiences beyond its walls. Collectors, artists, and gallerists use ARTCONNECT every day to keep track of the ever-changing art world. Here, we share our stories, events, … We said at the beginning that getting along with someone isn’t the same as connecting with them. A wonderful way for artists to connect is by signing up for a workshop—a fun and relaxed environment where you can brush up on your skills or learn a new medium just for fun. Through a very simple interface, users were asked to accept or reject suggested AI tags, which helped train the AI model. American Watercolor Weekly - free weekly watercolor art newsletter. Keys to the Psychology of Connection. What makes The Met’s API stand out among other museum APIs is not only the breadth and depth of the collection it supports, but also the fact that it is under active development, is refreshed nightly, and links to other public data sets. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a 150-year-old museum in New York City with an encyclopedic collection of art that spans 5,000 years of human culture and history. In the next card, it reveals the Bouffalant let the two Natus nest in its afro. DIY lessons from planning JSConf Colombia for anyone, anywhere who wants to plan accessible, sustainable developer events. Once our API was in place, we became the largest collection on the platform. Connect an HDMI cable (with an adapter, if necessary) into your computer, and connect the other end into the desired HDMI IN port on the TV.