Speak to Big Sal and immediately cut to the chase. Fallout: New Vegas How Little We Know - Fallout: New Vegas Guide with maps and videos Once he's nowhere to be found, you can then pick the lock. The Courier can talk to Big Sal and offer him Cachino's journal for 100 or 200 caps if one succeed in a Barter check (60). For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How come Cachino won't let me finish the quest "How little we know"? Once the quest starts, the Courier can talk to the receptionist in the main entrance of Gomorrah. He'll agree with you once you show him the evidence. Ask Big Sal about the Omerta's plan after Cachino is killed. Use an elevator at the back end of the main floor to head up to the Suites Level. (11) Bring chlorine to Clanden. (4) Cachino's Journal should have enough proof to get him talking. There is a journal in his desk directly to the left as the Courier enters the bedroom of his suite and another on his person that can be pickpocketed, this is the evidence needed. I am on The last part of the mission where I have to kill the two omerta bosses but cachino will not take me the the meeting room. (2) Talk to Cachino about suspicious Omerta activities, perhaps someone else in Gomorrah knows how to find him. They are planning something devious and.. Find out what kind of work Clanden does for the family. Why Cant We Be Friends 10.4; 11. Use of Drugs, Strong Language, Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Content, The Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. For Clanden, it means helping him kill "a large amount of people in a short amount of time". I dealt with Troike, had him place the thermite, and then I went to talk to Cachino. Once the Courier retrieves the disassembled weapons shipment, return to Troike. The quest is complete when the bosses are dead. The Chlorine from Ultra-Luxe is found in a small supply closet with an Easy lock on it, in the area behind Mortimer's counter. Talk to Troike to see what kind of help you can give him. Once out in the open air, you should be able to quick-travel to a location extremely near where the Fiends that stole the goods are currently stationed. Fallout: New Vegas; HOW LITTLE WE KNOW is broken. Go to Cachino and the Omerta bosses to meet with them and take them out. Check with Clanden to see what kind of help he needs. We found him sleeping in a bed; you may find him roaming around elsewhere. If the Courier did not get the guns from the room before they used the thermite, the Courier can use the sawed-off shotgun Cachino gives to them to kill the bosses, or the Courier could use the holdout weapons they might have smuggled into the casino. He will not give the Courier any clues or talk with them about what he does at all, even if the Courier mentions that Cachino sent them. If the Courier picks up the note, then they will NOT be able to free Troike from his contract. Talk to the receptionist in Gomorrah about Omerta activities. The player will be asked to make sure that the Omertas will carry through their plan to attack the Strip. Fallout: New Vegas Guide Huge in-progress guide for the whole game. Reward: 50 Gomorrah chips (if Cachino is alive). He asked if I was ready and I said no (I had no weapons; I didn't want to get into a firefight with just fists if it came to that). He will tell the Courier he was smuggling guns in NCR supply shipments and they can discuss destroying the guns. If the Courier goes back and speak to Cachino, he will mention he did some asking around and the bosses' plans would be screwed if Clanden was not around, so he asks the Courier to kill Clanden discreetly. Here, head to the right and seek out a lone locked door in the corner. Agree to help Troike out. (Optional) Let Mick and Ralph know why the Omertas stopped buying their guns. The Courier can get the key to his suite from the receptionist either by paying 300 caps, passing a 8 Strength check (making it free of charge,) or passing a 55 Barter check which lowers the bribe to 200 caps. ... How Little We Know, Shh-Boom!, and Long Distance Call with no bugs or errors so far. After the Courier speaks to Cachino upon completion of both objectives, Cachino will tell the Courier that Big Sal and Nero need to be killed now. Once the Courier confronts Cachino with his journal, he will give them 100 caps to get the journal back; a 60 Barter check makes him give the Courier an additional 200 caps. Now, Big Sal has given you two tasks. Kill Big Sal and Nero with Cachino's help. Page 1 of 2 - "How Little We Know" Quest: Just Kill Everyone? As long as he doesn't see you picking the lock itself, it doesn't otherwise matter if he sees you go in or out of the room, so don't worry about that. Followers. This expansion includes new terrain, foes, and choices for players to make. (Optional) Use the tapes to convince Clanden to betray the family. I was doing the quest How Little We Know and I messed up. She will then tell the Courier to talk to Liza O'Malley to start this quest. If one have a Speech skill of 80, the Courier can lie to Troike (resulting in bad Karma) and mention to him they will tell the NCR of his dealing, bypassing the hooker investigation and talking to Big Sal. Upon informing Big Sal of having fulfilled his request to aid Clanden and Troike, he rewards the Courier with 400 caps. You've yet to be formally introduced to the Omerta's leadership, and you're not going to find them roaming around the casino anytime soon. 0. Follow Big Sal as he walks towards his office and takes a seat. With the goods in hand, you can then quick-travel back to Freeside, and enter the New Vegas Strip once more. (6) Attend Cachino's business meeting with Big Sal. Your next task is to let Cachino's bosses know of his disloyalty. Please enter your email address. How Little We Know. Kill them easily and quickly, and then claim the Disassembled Weapons Shipment from a bin nearby. Even if the Courier does make the casino hostile, there is a chance they will go back to neutral if the Courier remains in the office with the door shut and had their weapon holstered. Return to Troike to let him know that the deed is done. Take the elevator to the suites level to find Clanden. But how? Many areas already completed, a great getting started guide with lots of hints and tips and a fantastical.. If you can't quick-travel there, quick-travel to a location nearby, or simply approach the designated location on foot. Head back to Clanden and hand over the goods. Fallout New Vegas. While there are multiple ways to do this, the easiest way to go about things here is to simply steal the chlorine. ". (3) Check Cachino's room or his person for some proof of his behavior. You are to help out two of his henchmen. Destroy the weapons shipment with the thermite. chevron_left. Talk to Big Sal afterward, he will ask the Courier to take over for Cachino, then offer the Courier a job aiding Clanden and Troike in their plans. Cachino works for the family that controls the Gomorrah Casino, a group known simply as the Omerta. This quest can be given by Mick at Mick & Ralph's after asking him for work. Warning: It is tricky to avoid permanently locking options in this quest. There's likely a guard protecting that door. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Also, if the Courier ignore Clanden initially but decide to kill him after Cachino sets up the meet with the bosses, the quest will be failed. They are planning something devious and investigation into it is needed. I vaguely remembered that Cachino could be killed and then Nero and Big Sal could be convinced to stop with the terrorist plan. This is a risky situation, however, so it wouldn't hurt to save your game before you try to pick the lock, just to err on the side of caution. Also, If the Courier does not speak to Liza O'Malley before starting How Little We Know, then they will not be able to complete For the Republic, Part 2, see Bugs below. Return to Cachino and let him know the guns have been destroyed. It is possible to do this quest the "good" way and still obtain the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion. Worry not about losing your gear, though. It takes place almost entirely in the Gomorrah Casino, which is located on the outskirts of the New Vegas Strip, immediately to your right upon entering through the robot-protected front gates. Cachino has agreed to take out the Omerta bosses during our meeting with them. For the purposes of this guide, it will be assumed you are working with a fresh, clean install. Once you do, you'll then have to head back outside of the casino. She'll tell you that they're posted around the upper floors overlooking the casino, but that not just anyone can get up there. If Cachino survives the showdown with the bosses and if the Courier have high sneak, after the Courier talks to him to get 50 Gomorrah chips, one can immediately hide and kill him for good Karma without making the entire casino hostile. videogame_asset My games. The Omertas are an enemy and will no longer accept assistance. Telling Clanden that the Courier have the tapes gives them the option of telling him to leave and never come back. When you run into Troike, you'll be able to chat him up a bit. Known only as the Receptionist, she will be able to give you all sorts of information, and you can pry even more out of her if you use your powers of persuasion. Talk to Big Sal, or look around for some evidence to exonerate him. When you're downstairs, open a door (M7G:1) with a key and head to the room where you'll find Troike (M7G:2) #1. Choosing this solution will cause one to gain infamy with the New Vegas Strip, and during the Wild Card: Side Bets quest, a dialogue option will appear when talking to Yes Man saying that the player character supports the Omerta's plans of attacking and taking over the Strip. Attend Cachino's business meeting with Big Sal. A 50 Barter check makes him leave after giving the player character 200 caps. Troike is going to destroy the guns for me. And, completing this quest incorrectly prevents the player character from acquiring the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion. "How Little We Know" is a song written by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer, and recorded by Lauren Bacall for the film, To Have and Have Not, in 1944. Caesar's Legion is one of the major factions in Fallout: New Vegas, acting as the main antagonistic force of the game.… Once upstairs, seek out a man you've yet to meet, an older gentleman known as Big Sal. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Do be aware, however, that this quest's conclusion will directly interfere with finishing the Side Quest known as Bye Bye Love . With the goods in hand, you can then quick-travel back to Freeside, and enter the New Vegas Strip once more. PS3 Xbox360用ゲームソフト Fallout New Vegas フォールアウト ニューベガス 攻略 Wiki. Show him Cachino's Journal, and he'll be taken aback. They will be unfriendly to this and not answer, but Cachino will still turn up after this. The surviving bosses have gone into hiding. Now, his tune changes. I want to restart the quest "How Little We Know" from the beginning. You need not worry about the guard if you procured a key from the Receptionist. Something about Troike's story doesn't sit well. Cachino takes over the casino, earning the Courier Strip Fame. Unless you have a good lockpicking skill, the only realistic way you'll be able to do this is to purchase the key from the Receptionist you spoke with earlier (or use other powers of persuasion, should you not want to part with precious Caps). (Optional) Help Mick and Ralph get Omerta business again. His room key that unlocks the safe also unlocks the door to the 100 Lockpick maintenance room (on the same suite level to the west) Inside is a dead hooker, who sometimes still up and walking and will talk to the Courier's follower but they cannot talk to her, which the Courier can inspect with 35 Medicine. Perhaps someone has a key to his room. With that done, he'll dispatch you to finish the job for him. Here's where things may get a little tricky. The Fiends should be right next to the building.