"It feels good, but weird," he said with a laugh. Fender MIJ Troublemaker Telecaster 2020 Black. Standard Delivery Times. The original mahogany-bodied Troublemaker Tele was so-called because of its obvious Gibson-like design inspiration. The Fender Telecaster was the very first mass-produced solid body electric guitar and has a widespread appeal that is only rivaled by a few other guitars. This pseudo evolution of vintage model is cheapish bolt-on Gibson in Tele format that will have muddy neck tone, thin bridge tone, dead middle and no spank whatsoever. It comes with three humbuckers, an LP style control layout and a Bigsby Bridge. Buy It Now. This hybrid guitar is based on the classic Telecaster Custom design, with a few neat little twists to make it, well, a little different. The Fender Parallel Universe Vol. Gear returned in great condition, with only minor signs of use, such as slight scuffs or pick marks. Gear returned in mint condition. Fender Limited Edition Jazz Tele. It takes a big personality to show up in a white tux – and the Troublemaker Tele® has the swagger to pull it off. Buy It Now +C $156.41 shipping. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer Few other guitars have become so deeply ingrained in music history. Fender Limited Edition Jazz Tele Parallel Universe Series in 2 Color Sunburst 0176010703 Last One $2,250.00 $2,599.99 Sale. Quite frankly, it is a gorgeous looking axe. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Pre-Owned. Finished in black and gold, and loaded with three humbuckers, this new guitar looks like it means business. Fender Parallel Universe Troublemaker Tele Custom Bigsby Black All dressed up and ready to brawl – the Troublemaker Tele® Custom Bigsby® is elegant in black. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Fender’s New Troublemaker Tele Deluxe Is One Unique, Sharp Looking Guitar by Robert Dye about 11 hours ago Fender’s Parallel Universe Series line wraps up 2020 with the launch of the Troublemaker… It looks and plays like new and may be considered an equivalent to display units found in retail stores. At £2,189 / $2,499, the Troublemaker Tele Deluxe Bigsby is not cheap, but this is a premium electric with a no-doubt limited run, so there's potential for the collector. Troublemaker Tele® Deluxe Fender picked mahogany for this Tele body. Join us on Facebook! Get the registration fee waived when you sign up for lessons. Fender Troublemaker Tele. "And I love the color scheme. Featuring a mahogany body and neck, a snappy maple fretboard, dual volume and tone controls and a stopbar tailpiece, this is a fully-customized Fender for players who want one guitar to do it all. Fender has started shipping a new model from its Parallel Universe Vol II limited edition range, the new Troublemaker Telecaster Deluxe. "But I like cool and weird.". The Fender Troublemaker Tele Deluxe Bigsby from the company’s Parallel Universe Vol II series has finally landed, and it is a seriously tasty looking Telecaster. Pairing an ebony fretboard with a solid mahogany body and neck, the Troublemaker Tele … The latest electric guitar in the Parallel Universe Vol II Series is a dashing Tele in a Tux . Fender it ain't. Guitar Center's Pro CoveragePro Coverage gives you added warranty protection for your gear. If you change the Ship-To country, some or Call our experts for product info and phone-only specials. Fender released its first undeniably Les Paul-inspired Tele – the Ice Tea Burst-finished Parallel Universe Troublemaker Telecaster – back in July 2018, and for 2020, the California guitar giant’s followed that up with the Parallel Universe II Troublemaker Tele Deluxe.