Find for and intensely cute Frigidaire Cool Connect 8,000-BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Air Conditioner . I love the way it looks. The Frigidaire does that with panache—most of the time. The Frigidaire company knows exactly what they are doing with air conditioners and refrigeration units and have been around for over one-hundred years. As I write this the price on Amazon is in the two-hundred dollar range. Price Match Guarantee. In order to meet the Energy Star requirements a unit must be rated at 10.0 EER or higher. That’s pretty cheap for a year round window unit. Fast cooling. While the height doesn’t really matter as most windows are taller than the air conditioner this unit comes in at fourteen inches. Personally I love this smart A/C unit. Here is another top window air conditioner that you can control with a smartphone or other mobile device. Frigidaire Cool Connect 8,000 BTU Window AC Unit. That could be the size of a large master bedroom, a living room, or a small studio apartment. I’m going to be brutally honest here. When a product is Energy Star Certified it means that that product has met strict energy efficiency guidelines set fort by the US EPA. At your convenience remotely turn the unit on or off, change temperatures, control modes, create custom schedules, and adapt fan speeds to best meet your comfort. Beyond the almost Apple-inspired white exterior, the Frigidaire AC features a filter that pops out the front, instead of sliding out the side like my old unit, the Quirky Aros. The cool mode does just that, it cools the room to your desired temperature. Has A Cool Or Econ Feature To Maintain Temperatures. You also get the Frigidaire brand name that has a century of reputation behind it. Don’t believe me? This year I started using foam for the top/bottom/sides for a better seal, and also use an insulating packing material to cover the panel areas. If you are unsure of what sized unit you need please check out our window air conditioner. The Product Can Get Banged Up During Shipping To Your Home. I realize we all have to make some sacrifices on our warming planet, but it’s almost worse to oscillate between too warm and too chilly. My old Quirky Aros was widely criticized for being loud, though I actually enjoyed how it drowned out the activity on my noisy street. Shop Frigidaire Cool Connect 250 Sq.Ft 6,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner White at Best Buy. Meanwhile, the vents are angled up so that the air circulates through the room from the top down instead of getting blasted straight out the front of the unit and sinking to the floor. Fr… With the Frigidaire gallery 8,000 BTU cool connect smart window air conditioner you’ll be able to cool your room from anywhere, anytime the use of your smart device. If you aren’t having any luck in that avenue then you could file a claim on Frigidaire’s website under their one year warranty. It also comes with side curtains and insulation strips to prevent any leaks or air from coming in from outside. Check out this Frigidaire Gallery 8,000 BTU Cool Connect™ Smart Room Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Control and other appliances at Frigidaire Cool Connect 8000 BTU Smart Room Air Conditioner Frigidaire's good-looking Gallery Smart Room Air Conditioner is one of very few app-enabled window ACs currently available. While most of these modes and options are pretty standard I am going to point again to the price point on this unit. Now before I get into the actual details, Pros, and Cons of a product I always like to take some time and look at the company behind the product. A lot of these are ‘bad luck’ type of situations but I would be amiss if I didn’t make you aware: Overall I would say that if you are looking for a new window unit that will cool your living room, master bedroom, or small apartment then this would be a great fit for you. This window air conditioner will fit windows between twenty-three inches up to thirty-six inches in width. Sleek new design : Reimagine what a room air conditioner looks like. It’s summer. The Frigidaire Gallery 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner can be controlled using a mobile app and voice commands. Eco mode is great for keeping your space a reasonable temperature while you’re away, though. Something else to take into consideration when it comes to air conditioners is if they are Energy Star Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Frigidaire was a pioneer in the refrigeration and cooling industry. That is quite the bargain especially when you look at other 8,000 BTU units on the marketplace today.