), go to Depths. I didn't pick the masterkey (woops), and I've plunged into the Depths and gotten to the bonfire near Fred the Giant Rat. Dark souls remastered what do to after beating the hydra? If you have the Rusted Iron Ring from the above optional section, now is a good time to equip it. up that, there's a ladder. My level is currently 24, sadly I'm playing on Xbox though and haven't renewed a subscription to Xbox Live. Go down using a long ladder and walk under the arch. If you're fucking sick of rats, slimes, and basilisks then you can find something else to lathe such as ghosts that live in walls, have LONG reaches, and spam stabbing attacks. This will cure you, buy a few incase you get cursefrogged again. The Depths is an early-game area in Dark Souls you'll come to after exploring Lower Undead Burg. I just rang the bell in the tower and killed the Capra Demon, I'm feeling this game isn't really as well designed as many people make it out to be. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. to find the bonfire, from the gaping dragon pathway/where Domhall the merchant is, there's a doorway near the waterfall. [–]wintermute93 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (0 children). Which caused an extra 20 or so deaths before finally figuring that out. Indeed an inconvenience but if it really is that difficult for you then it's the only real answer. Do I have to get to him from another area or is there a second entrance to the Depths I need to use to kill him? I did it without taking damage. Oswald SELLS Purging Stones (at half the cost of the Female Undead Merchant, but only a limited supply), but he can't uncurse you himself; he absolves sin. At some point the path makes a right turn and opens into a long flooded corridor with blobs of grey ooze that drop from the ceiling when you pass, and a torch hollow and a locked door at the far end. I'm cursed so I have virtually no health, I can't go out the way I came because I'm cursed, I can barely go forward because I'm cursed, I die in two shots if I get hit by the rats because the poison takes away virtually all my health. Then go back and there will also be a door in the alley where the depths are. Go to the end of the rat area, at the grate where the bonfire key was, go straight through the small tunnel and the channeler is there. The Sack is a unique head armor in Dark Souls. Then, There Was Fire. Run past enemies to get back to to the depths. Demon Ruins, shortly after the first Capra Demon (only invades after placing the Lordvessel). It guards the area with the Sewer Chamber Key, and the slide-shortcut to the Blighttown entrance. Nearly half of the Depths form a perilous flooded labyrinth Key to Depths is a Key in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. I'm trying to get to Blighttown (only logical place I can think to go to), and it's my first ever run on Dark Souls. Another strategy is the same as above but summon someone to come into and have them help you get through. After I got the ring, I rounded up 3000 souls, climbed the belltower to buy from Oswald, and uncursed myself. I didn't pick the masterkey (woops), and I've plunged into the Depths and gotten to the bonfire near Fred the Giant Rat. You can go back and tackle New Londo Ruins in your cursed state without having to pop a Transient Curse every 3 minutes. How to get to the Depths from firelink shrine I need to get the large ember from the depths to upgrade my weapon past +5 but i don't have the depths shortcut. Just run past enemies to the fog gate. If it's not dropped by the first one, the second one is guaranteed to drop it. The Depths is an area in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered, accessed from Lower Undead Burg. Sold by Crestfallen Merchant for 8000 souls. If you see holes, you're going a less than ideal way. The Spider Shield can also be found on a ledge above, accessible from the shaft behind the Butcher. Just beat dark souls for the first time, heres the list from most trouble to least i had with the bosses, First Souls playthrough, died 200+ times to Artorias trying to kill him without getting hit, Do yous ever feel like restarting mid game, GF's parents won't let her buy her little brother DS for Christmas because the internet says there are "topless women in the game who's breasts are only covered by their hair", Uchigatana vs black nights sword vs zweilhander. Press J to jump to the feed. 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 3 Upgrades 4 Notes Common drop from Butchers found early in the Depths. As with other dark spirits, Kirk will not invade in the respective areas if the boss of the area has been defeated, or if the player is Hollow. One Bros Go back to the dragon bridge, farm souls there. The Key to Depths is dropped by the Capra Demon found in the lower Undead Burg. With the ring, and being a little more careful, I was able to clear out all the frogs in the depths pretty easily. Only two of them spawn per playthrough. Yes, you access the depths through the undead berg (lower section) accessed via the door on the bridge with the red dragon near the Knight Solaire end. My bonfire is the one right before the boss. Low-effort content and comments that don't contribute to the discussion may be removed. My friend was playing with me on the couch, and we missed that door by the merchant so I'm kinda in a tough spot now. I talked to the female merchant and she wants 6000 souls. So, what now? Dark Souls PvP Then you go down a few more stairs into the water, with a few more dogs and another torch hollow. My personal favorite as you will probably find it to be a wonderful tactic later on. The Key to Depths is a key in Dark Souls that allows access to the Depths. Your best bet is to start at he bonfire in the depths, go down the hall with the slimes (the easiest way to avoid them is to stay flush against the left side), go up the stairs and wade through the water to get back up to Lower Undead Burg. I've run back from the boss room every single way there was but none lead to the Channeler. lack of fast travel in the first half means you have to take advantage of shortcuts to traverse the land of lordran. Can be found in the Depths (in a box behind 5 rats near the bonfire). Dark Souls Remastered’s The Depths are a twisting labyrinth of tunnels that lead down to a large waterway and, at the other end, Blighttown. No sales, sales links, or soliciting donations. How do I get to the Channeler in the Depths? Dark Souls Beginner's Guide Part 15: Depths to Lower Blighttown Bonfire - Duration: 20:08. Get outta his fuckroom and go left down the stairs, kill hollow thieves and go left for a great merchant and open shortcut to Firelink Shrine. Mods should be directed towards /r/ModSouls. Google dosen't help me at all either. and join one of thousands of communities. The same thing happened to me in my first playthrough, but only problem was I killed the dude in the tower after gargoyles and accidently hit the merchant in the sewers, which meant for me there I no cure for the curse lol. So favor rolling and evading, over blocking. Why wont Sif let us fight the 4 kings even tho she is aware we are the ones who slew Manus. Is there any way to build this up fast other than running back and forth like 17 more times? The lightest of Great Axes. I die in one shot by the eye ball bats if I get cursed (which has happened like a dozen times now because they're in fucking herds of 2 or 3). Run on top of the thing to get to the slide, go down the slide, and if you miss the jump go straight then right and you'll be at a hallway with some rats, slimes, and a merchant. Please adhere to reddit's guidelines on self promotion. Thanks, but the problem is that I didn't find the bonfire in the Sewers yet. Go past the two flight of stairs that lead up to the second merchant in the undead burg area, and find a door to the right. You will indeed need to get back up from the depths. So, other than getting someone to help you, is there really no way to get rid of the curse than going all the way back up to the bell tower? You can also try to avoid the basilisks(but I like what you called them)because you now know where they are. Is there something I'm missing here? [–]dinosaurzez 2 points3 points4 points 6 years ago (0 children). Snuggly Souls. Go through that door, and you'll head straight through a flooded area. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Only content directly related to Dark Souls 1 belongs in /r/DarkSouls. The Giant Rat that has an axe lodged in its left eye, from an earlier encounter, and is located in the first large antechamber in the Depths. [–]cedear 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (0 children). Remember to find a chest near the butcher! Ingward, in New Londo, is the one who can cleanse you of curse. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 2707 on r2-app-058eb5afbb808925c at 2020-12-03 22:03:20.130006+00:00 running e61c3b2 country code: NL. While the overgrown Mickey is susceptible to fire and lightning damage, it can and will inflict poison with each of its attacks. EDIT: Ok. Past this part now. The wiki says though you can get to the depths from the undead parish (the upper area with the church and blacksmith). Going from that one bonfire back up and killing every enemy but the slime things I only get 1000. Return to the asylum that … It is worth to buy Purple Moss Clump - it can be used in Depths to remove poison. Then you go down a few stairs to a butcher and two dogs. I'm trying to get to Blighttown (only logical place I can think to go to), and it's my first ever run on Dark Souls. In order to get down to a lower part of Burg, which leads to Depths, you have to open the door at the end of the bridge guarded by the dragon/wyvern (Basement Key). Open it unlocking a passage to Firelink Shrine. I got cursed by the eye ball bats, and now I can't move any further. I just killed him with a bow from the gallery below before I went down to the boss. Rendered by PID 2707 on r2-app-058eb5afbb808925c at 2020-12-03 22:03:20.130006+00:00 running e61c3b2 country code: NL. The door leading down to it is unlocked by the Key to Depths, which is obtained by beating the Capra Demon. How to Get / Where to Find the Greataxe. Use the basement key. And, well, I'd love to upgrade my weapon because it does pitiful damage and I'm cursed (No clue that was a thing), and I'd love to go to the Pardoner to get a purging stone but I can't find a way out of the depths at all. Getting cursed is really shitty and it can be very frustrating to escape. I got cursed by the eye ball bats, and now I can't move any further. Lost Izalith, next to the Bed of Chaos. here's an easy trick to cure your curse... 1st return back to the undead asylum and look for the snuggly crow its located at the left side after the stairs where the bird carries you to firelink there should be a small nest just drop a Cracked Red Eye Orb at the nest, quit the game then return there will be 2 purging stones to cure your curse, probably the easiest way out of this if you can get back to firelink, Lol my Dude I'm really sorry for you. [–]mushroom-soup 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (0 children), From the stairs, throw a fireball down at him when he's not casting. Painted World Of Ariamis. Maybe I could come into your world and drop off a few purging stones. I have looked at dozens of videos but every single one requires me to have the depths shortcut. Please read the full community rules and guidelines. The problem is I can't find a way to get to him. Then you walk up a pile of rubble through a hole in the wall, and can go left to save Laurentius, or keep right and come to a door. Sergeant274 8,164 views. Dark Souls Mods Section 1 is known as the "Upper Undead Burg" is a linear section leading to the Undead Parish. [–]Labargoth[S] 2 points3 points4 points 6 years ago (2 children). This room is filled with undead, so make sure to watch your back. Dark Souls Remastered #04: The Depths - Duration: 50:25. Look for the door lighted with two torches, next to the tower entrance. You find a key to it in the room with the massive rat, it's behind a locked door higher up. I have no idea where the New Londo Ruins are so... ¯\(ツ)/¯. Dark Souls guide! AT THE BUTCHER AREA there are some boxes stacked near the meat table. Make sure to open the shortcut (up the stairs to the right of the waterfall slide) to save time. on top to the ladder, there are two paths: up the stairs goes to the bonfire (the door on your left, next to a torch hollow, and the hallway goes where /u/cedear talk about, that will lead you to the Channeler fairly easily. While you are cursed, you are free to attack the ghosts (which you normally need an item to do any damage at all). So I'm trying to defeat the Gaping Dragon at the moment and as you probably know it's pretty annoying when the Channeler is still alive. Did you get the save the barrel bloke/do you have attunement slots? Go through this door, and enter the depths. The Depths is an extremely dangerous area brimming with enemies that will love to infect you with status effects such as Curse and Poison. Domhnall of Zena is encountered here as well as Laurentius of the Great Swamp, which moves if rescued. It serves as the gateway to Blighttown once you defeat the area's boss. Pretty sure it's 700ish per run/about 30 seconds per run too... Just head back out of the depths by running and dodging all the enemies on the way. Destroy them to reveal a secret passage way. When you exit the bonfire, go right. From the bonfire, go down to the rat area instead of taking the shortcut ladder. [–]greatestname 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (1 child). You enter in a hallway with a few hollows, and go down some stairs to an area full of picnic tables and torch hollows. Wow that was quick! Area with several Basilisks in the Depths. I never got to the waterfall slide bit unfortunately :( Well, sorta. Aegon of Astora 2,655 views. the world design of dark souls is the best I have seen in a game. How do I get to the Channeler in the Depths. You'll encounter a junction with stairs in front of you and stairs leading up on the right. Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. Continue through there and you'll find it. 2. Dark Souls Help I would need to fight the crocodile vagina bat still, which sadly now one shots me, so probably not the best option. Section 2 is accessible through a locked door on the Wyvern bridge that can be opened with the Basement Key found in Undead Parish and serves as the gateway to the Depths. If you have a ring of rare sacrifice you can also purposely die to break the curse. [–]Robot_DrewTG Sovereign 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (0 children). Onnyx 8 years ago #4 But if you survive and explore you'll find an item in New Londo that will def help your curse defense when you return to the depths. Watch out for the holes in the floor in the tunnels though! [–]Labargoth[S] 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (0 children). I had to restart, Damn that would really suck, I mourn for you, There is only Oswald (the man in the bell tower), purging stones which I believe can be bought from the tunnel merchant, and rings of rare sacrifice. It could be skipped by getting Master Key as a starting gift. To get to this location, head to the Depths, past the Giant Rat chamber, down the slope, round to the right, up the stairs and through the ruined gate to find the merchant. [–]cedear 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (3 children). Run past enemies to get uncursed. Opens the large door in the lower Undead Burg that leads to the Depths. I don't want to have to walk all the way back to the bell tower to get a cure for the curse because that is going to take literal ages, and I'm not even sure if it's possible in my cursed state. The bonfire is behind that door. © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. Summon Sign If you're looking for more help, our Dark Souls walkthrough and guide can help with all … For ease, take it slowly get out by going up the way you came in, it's really not that hard. Kirk is an invaderthat can assault the player three times in a playthrough: 1. Going through Depths is obligatory to reach Blighttown, which is possible after killing Gaping Dragon. In dark souls, to enter the depths, proceed from the lair of the capra demon down the stairs and past the two rogue assassins that were lying in wait for the hero. If so... Go back to Firelink via the tunnel and have a scout about... Maybe, if you find who I'm on about, you can get combustion and upgrade your pyro a couple of times... the slimes will then become a very easy and profitable soul/shard farming run... Just run from one end of the corridor to the other over and over. Learning this in the depths is certainly not good but if you're afraid of wasting your time going back and just getting cursed again then going forward is your best bet. I can't find a way to go forward. Dark souls is great but we make it accessible to a whole new group of people who otherwise maybe wouldn't carry on playing the best game ever made. Keep running along aqueduct until you reach the door. Dark Souls 2 Key opening the door from the lower Undead Burg to the Depths. A community dedicated to Dark Souls I, game released for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360/One, and Switch (Remastered). Grind it out man and upgrade your gear. [–]HayleyKJ 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (1 child). Tip: soft humanity raises curse resistance. Bloodborne Any help would be appreciated. Hi 5, you deserve it. Use it, then come back to the Depths. (self.darksouls). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Rare drop from the Berenike Knights. Continue the series at /r/DarkSouls2 and /r/DarkSouls3, https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls/wiki/discord, Demon's Souls [2] After shopping (these Purple Moss Clump will be really useful! The Sack offers poor physical defense and mediocre resistance, and no poise in exchange for very light weight. Get a decent +10 weapon by farming slimes for large shards next to the bonfire, farm all the rats as well for that hummanity, it will increase your drop rate of shards as well as up your curse resist. Notes: Give to Frampt to receive 50 souls. Cure yourself after buying several of the purging stones from the gargoyle dude for 3,000. Dark Souls 3 Don't climb down the ladder, just keep going. I am currently at the bonfire at the bottom of blighttown. What they said. You need to go through a tiny smoke wall to reach him. Fight some ghosties. There is no other way, you need to get out from Depth and go to Bell Tower to uncurse or sewer lady. RUN. Atmospheric live wallpaper for Dark Souls fans. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Then go to New Londo and seek out Ingward. Descend the stairs into the Depths. To farm here, there are a few necessary steps. the areas connect to each other in a way that makes sense and adds a lot to the games worldbuilding. There's a second butcher that drops down. Go forward/Git Gud. Thank you for replying. Those banished from the Undead Burg eke out their existence in the Depths, a damp lair with no trace of sunlight. What is your Soul Level? How am I expected to progress from here? If you head up the tower that links the lower burg there is a female merchant there who will sell you a purging stone. No racist, sexist or homophobic language. See the rest of the guide here http://wikigameguides.com/Dark_Souls/Guides/Walkthrough-with-Commentary Dark Souls … 20:08. Video Location Timestamp 5:36 . 3. It will be a nail biter. Get uncursed. Fashion Souls You can use your knowledge of the area to your advantage on the way back to the depths as you've already been there. The only way it seems I can get out is Blighttown but the Gaping Dragon isnt dying until I get an upgraded weapon and full HP Edit : holy bejezu I wasn't expecting that, 150 comments and 700 upvotes, I mean if that dosnt visually bolster my original point I don't know what will. If your in the depths then you probably already have the large ember. Thanks, but I didn't find a bonfire down there yet and always come from the Undead Burg down. I indeed enjoyed this tactic when I didn't know about the ladder that led to the bonfire in Undeadburg. In that hallway there will be a door, open that, and that leads up to the bonfire for future use. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.