Zero To One is a E=1.62×10^60 kgx 8.79848252714505e+27 m/s^2/2, E= 1.62×10^60 kgx 7.741329478047675e+55 m/2, 1.254095375443723e+116 joule = 2.9973598839e+100 megaton [explosive] or. 1.655625814564557e+30 m/s or 5.5225732682193e+21 c or 5.522 Sextillion times the speed of light, 5.496684396914271e+30 m/s or 1.833496557446509e+22 c /18.33  Sextillion times the speed of light, 5.51875271521519e+29 m/s or 1.8408577560731e+21 c or 1.84 Sextillion times the speed of light, 1.832228132304757e+30 m/s or 6.111655191488363e+21 c /6.11. A lot of people consider Kirby to be one of the most powerful characters in gaming but are there characters in his own universe who can actually beat him? The only downside to this great Power is that Kirby only gets one charge of it before it is completely used up. Instead of taking one measurement method, a team of scientists led by Mihran Vardanyan at the University of Oxford did a statistical analysis of all of the results. "What had happen to him?" The Multiverse is very huge. This would give Frieza a casual speed of 600,000,000 km/sec or 600,000,000,000 m/s, now let’s go back to the mass of 1.8072e+17kg per Ki Blast times velocity times the speed of Light and we get roughly 3.25296e+40 joules or  7.7747609943e+24 megatons of TNT/ 7.77 Tenatons which in English gives Frieza  Small Star level Enegery in his Final Form at 5%, multiplying this by 20 and you get Frieza’s Maximum Attack potency at  155.4 Tenatons which actually pushes Frieza to Star level. Magalor is said to be capable of destroying entire Universes. Kirby is also ridiculously fast as seen with various feats within the series. Kirby also defeated Landia EX three times, who was powered by the Master Crown, which had also powered Magolor. Kirby does a "Kirby Dance". Dodge his stars and shoot him with stars of your own. The multiverse theory applies to the Kirby Universe and there is transversal travel within this series. Now for bonus feat, the size of the planets, I’m aware they’re not scaled properly and realistically there are ZERO planets that are lightyears wide. And Earth-size planet won’t be large enough to do complete destruction of the world instantly. Also, Kirby fought Marx, who after absorbing Nova created an alternate dimension that has at least 53 “squiggles” in the background that heavily resemble galaxies, so this could be a universe-sized dimension. And this is merely considering stationary dimensional pocket space speed, imagine if Kirby could weaponize this power. Meaning Kirby can generate enough force to potentially damage the Milky Way Galaxy or desotry a good chunk of it. To contrast, the nearest star system to our own is only 4.36 Lightyears from our own. However, let’s bring up some canonical facts into Buu’s Destructive power and durability. Yes, this planet is ltierally more massive than the Universe itself. Kirby spends the entire game chasing perceived villains over a slice of stolen cake. Now for the Neptune sized Asteroid which is coming towards Popstar and it’s mass. asked the hooded girl. Let me address several problems i had with Death Battle’s research here. it letsKirby know when and where an attack is coming from, it letsMeta Knight, to whom Kirby certainly compares, sense people who are on other planets. After being defeated in his most powerful form and consumed by Purity, 0 is reduced to its true self, 0 0. Also, in Kirby: Squeak Squad, Kirby fought an eldritch abomination of darkness called Dark nebula and killed him just because Kirby thought that Dark Nebula stole his cake . Explaining that he was the one who started the fight between the Sun and Moon in the first place, Marx then turns into a more powerful form of himself, which has fangs and strange yellow wings, before sending Nova on a collision course with Pop Star. You’re not providing any evidence either and secondarily the only cuckold I see h. Palnetbusting is no big deal to characters with a power level of 10,000. a Balloon weight character punched with the force over 668,116.821 times the planets GBE despite weighing 0.001 pounds and having almost no mass, you think that’s crazy, we’re only getting started. ( Log Out /  Galaxy diameter real: 100,000 Light years, 6.630742166273387e+19 m/s /299,792,458 m/s =221,177,751,118.5217 c, Mass Enegery yield of the sun :1.8×10^47 Joules, 3.981199520133e+58 joules= 9.5152952202e+42 megatons or 399.692 TeraFoe (Muilt Solar System Level+). Now for the mass of the planet. Change ). Kid Buu himself has mass eqauilvent of that in a single Ki Blast which is extremely casual Star level and that’s merely going by Lightspeed explosions which they’re far faster than that. Marx weighs would be around 1.2 kg at most. Literally destroyed deities and planets over a piece of cake lol. As for Kid Buu, a lot of people use this statement from Goku about Kid Buu’s power that there’s enough Ki to blow up the earth over 10 times over however they completely ignore the context of Goku’s statements nor take into account Mass Enegery times Faster than Light. in which Kirby fights enemies, solves puzzles, and challenges bosses. 100 Most powerful marvel characters My list of what I believe to be the 100 strongest marvel characters based on their powers and battles. However while i take issue with the death battle’s downplaying of Majin Buu, the results i don’t disagree with. That star-shaped 'heart' is the true form of Kirby. Let’s factor Frieza’s power level of 3,000,000 which is 2,000 times faster than Raditz’s 1.1c and him kicking Vegeta’s attack which would make far more sense. It even works when he’s asleep, when he fell asleep from hunger while fighting Dark Meta Knight, beat the shit out of him while still sleeping in his Bell Kirby form. However as Death Battle noted, Kirby’s true power is literally Universe level. Despite this meteor being house sized and over 3.8 Qaudrillion times smaller than the Pluto sized meteor and over, Sephiroth’s Meteor speed:11,465,927.984 c, Asteroid Length, Width and Height:2,370,000 meters, E=1.0623018294e+23 kgx3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s^2/2, 6.275925202815171e+53 joule = 1.499982123e+38 megaton [explosive] or 1.5 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+), Sephiroth’s Supernova:1.5 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)High End. One of the lower end physical feats is how Kirby can casually crack the entire planet of Popstar with a single punch within a minigame. Mega Kirby Tank: This is Kirby Tank's most powerful form. A villain which merely his soul was able to casually warp the entire galaxy that they’re fighting within so casual Galaxy level reality warping with a weakened boss character and Kriby is able to fight on par with. And Namek Saga Fireza is so much weaker and slower than Buu Saga characters that a rusty Gohan in base one shotted him easily(Granted this is non canon but proves my point regardless). Kirby also defeated Marx Soul, who created a universe with countless stars. Just how fast is Kirby? Literally, Kirby knocking the smallest meteor no bigger than a 2 Story house 9,999 Lightyears away produces 25.99 ExaFoe of TNT, that alone has more than 10,390,119 times Kid Buu’s strongest attack with the weakest Asteirod knocked around space for shits and giggles by Kirby. Archer. Combined with Kirby’s already crazy speed, it would be very hard to blitz him unless you’re faster than traveling the Roache Limit between Universes within a second. And this is literally nothing compared to the Void Terminal power who can destroy the entire Kirby Multiverse. Looks like the Flat Earth’s might be onto something, lol. So going by the “Destroyer of worlds” moniker, Void Termina would at the very least be Low Muitversial if not Mutiverisal. Ironically, the most satisfying story in the book isn’t one by Kirby, but rather a fleet three-pager about the futility of war — written by none other than … Frist the speed of how far the meteor was hit. Sword/Spark = Double-Bladed Lightsaber = Kirby grips a two bladed electric sword, which he twirls around himself. In many cases, the term is used to define a larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. Easily clean carpets, remove stains, clean pet stains and more with the latest Kirby - Avalir 2 Home Cleaning System. Said universe ceases to exist after his defeat. However, Kirby’s power is actually possibly Multiversal as he was able to fight the Void Termina, a Multiversal threat that threatened the entire Kirby Multiverse. It includes the Virgo Supercluster which in turn contains the Local Group, the galaxy cluster that includes the Milky Way, a 1.08 Billion Light year-long stretch of the Universe is around 1/93th the size of the Observable Universe, meaning Kirby’s pocket Universe dimension is at least 1/46th the size of the Observable Universe. Intro 2. Kirby is a series of action-platforming video games starring the titular Kirby, a pink puffball-like creature with inhaling and Copy Abilities for trademark attributes. Given Kirby threw him front and back, that means that the total distance Poppon was thrown was a total of 299195741381.98 meters in 22 seconds. ), High Outeversial Level(Infinte Dimmeisonal busting/Near Omnipotent), Omniverse  level( Completely Omnipotent, can’t be killed, can control all of Creation), Examples: One Above All, Kami Tenchi, Mind Over Monitor Overlord, The Writer (Stan Lee, Grant Morrison), This would make Kirby up to the Standard Mutiverse level, currently, that makes Kirby much stronger than even Zeno(Abelt Zeno has not shown many feats and should technically be around this powerful), However  thanks to  further  research is actually above  2A, The term Exteradeimmsional space i used numerous times in reference to the Kirby Muitverse, meaning the Kirby Mutiverse actually exists within Muptile Muitverses within an. Given the distance between the Aredmoerna Galaxy and Milky Way Galaxy is 2.2 Million Light Years from each other, going by Roach Limit of Galaxies, that means that the galaxies are 13.2 Million Light Years, this means Kirby’s stronger enemies has the speed of 2.2 Million Light Years per second. Kirby with his warp star casually moved across a whole galaxy in less than a second. ( This would make the Kirby Universe far denser than our Universe given it would be physically impossible to scale their Universe to our own), U=0.00000000000667×9.528388382898248e+72 kg^2/5.735548927168455e+17mx5, U=0.00000000002001×9.079018517535029e+145kg/3.289652149594322e+18 m, U=1.816711605358759e+135 kg/3.289652149594322e+18 m, 5.22503665266842e+116 joule = 1.2488137315e+100 megaton [explosive] or441.7 ZettaUniFoe. The first one here is at least 30.67cm wide, using this calculator, this black hole has the mass of 34.58 Earth Masses in density, moving at lightspeed, the force generated from the black hole. Up to four players*** can journey through Dream Land together, combining Copy Abilities to perform So the crack generated by Kirby splitting the planet in half equals 10.5 Earth masses of purivlezed rock. Let’s estimate the true power of the Gamble Galaxy Blackhole. For King Kai to not be able to track Goku and Frieza’s speed despite tracking ships 26,841 times the speed of Light. The Kirby Multiverse is confirmed to be pretty much a Mutiverse, especially with the various dimensions having many galaxies present within the backgrounds. So yes Kirby knocking a House size meteor into space 9,999 lightyears away produces over 173,266,66,666.66667 times as much destructive force as the Pluto-sized meteor despite being over 100 Sextillion times lighter than the Pluto-sized Asteroid and being  38.8 Quadrillion times smaller than the Pluto-sized Asteroid which is just mindblowing , goes to show how much force is within the attack itself Hell even the Star explosion caused by Sephiroth’s Supernova moving at FTL speeds itself at 56.48 PetaFoe pales to the 7m wide asteroid which has 460 times the destructive force moving at thousands of lightyears per second. Jesus Christ that’s powerful. F=1,029,000 kg.x4.727872830469256e+18 m/sx9.455745660938512e+19 m, F=1.150050608231048e+43 Nx9.455745660938512e+19 m, 1.087458604864043e+63 joule = 2.5990884437e+47 megaton [explosive]  or 25.99 ExaFoe of TNT (Muitl Solar System level+). Popstar is roughly half the mass of Saturn despite being smaller overall due to lack of depth, now for the GBE. Scaling to Void Termina, Kirby is actually much closer to Zeno level than any canon Dragonball character. The diameter of the Local Multiverse is on the order of 92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 light years across! Yeah no joke, that’s a lot of fucking energy. Our universe lasts long, most of them only live for xonoseconds and pop. Now for throwing energy and the force of the throw. There’s no room for fluff here, so call out what’s most important. This is roughly the mass of Brown Drawfs or 22.22 Jupiter Masses, now for the GBE of the planet. The form builder is a gateway to entice you into signing up for full the Hubspot Marketing Suite, which makes it even more powerful, but even on its own this free form … Not only are they much faster and traveled a lot more distance, but because this is factoring in a lot of force needed to deflect the asteroid back the same distance and force as the impact. Allow me to address my problems with Death Battle for a minute. This means that we got a High-End Distance between the Universes between 175 Trillion Light Years and 581.25 Trillion Light Years which is thousands of times the length of our Observable Universe. This is another Unvierse level+ final boss. Kirby VS Majin Buu is the 40th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Kirby from the series of the same name and Majin Buu from the Dragon Ball series in a battle between powerful pink puffballs. In other words, this black hole is producing roughly 1/175th the power of the Big Bang And kriby not only shrugs off the effects of the attack, but he also fights the final boss within this Massive Blackhole 25 times longer than the Milky Way Galaxy tanking the intense gravity of the black hole. Marvel’s Most Powerful Villain Has the Most Tragic Backstory. Super Saiyan 100: Dragon Ball’s Most ABSURD (And Powerful) Form Dragon Ball fans have produced loads of variations of the Super Saiyan form over the years, but none match the mythic quality of Super Saiyan 100. Bronto Burt The Density of steel is 7,980 kg/m^3 making the planet roughly 4.218880661176708e+28 kg. Going by timeframe, the explosion destroyed the parallel Universe in roughly 2 minutes. It’ds an anime and manga based ability that gives Kirby Precognition abilites and the ability to sense attacks coming at him up to planetary distances. Another feat is tossing the villain Marx into the planet NOVA which is roughly the size of Popstar but made purely of metal. The distance from the Earth and Sun is 149,597,870,690.99997 or 1 AU. As seen with Meta Knight, SWS can sense powers and energies across entire planets and star systems. Assuming this galaxy had the same radius as the milky way (52,850 light years), this comes out to 2.237 yottafoe, 176.459 times what’s needed to wipe out the milky way, putting Dark Nebula at galaxy level! Kirby's primary media form is video games, as he is the star and protagonist of the Nintendo owned series named after him. Meteor velocity:4.727872830469256e+18 m/s or 15,770,486,229.07403 Times the Speed of Light. Even Gods from Dragonball Super don’t travel this fast. Every Kirby Final Boss, Ranked For a Nintendo game, Kirby has some existentially terrifying final bosses. Otherwise known as loving-kindness meditation, it increases the compassion we have toward ourselves and others. However, Kirby runs quite a bit slower in this form. Tomas is young. Kirby is likely the most powerful fictional character that isn't a creator of the universe or a god or deity of any type. Yeah crazy right, as i alluded to within my post on Sephiroth’s meteor, the force of Kirby’s meteors is simply far greater than Seprioths. It is seen to be somewhat emotionless in-game, excluding the story mode ending. As for the story, King DeDeDe and Meta Knight, who have often fought with Kirby, form a team to finally defeat him, and so they send him a challenge! Going by the explosion radius the planet exploded within 0.001 seconds of the trajectory of the meteor, just how powerful is this explosion. Majin Buu has no feat that puts him close to beating Kriby, the closest he comes to challenging Kirby is within his Absorption of Gohan form which he came close to actually destroying Universe 7 by collapsing the dimension via a domino effect(Which in the narrative would’ve killed himself in the process). To give you a contrast of the size differences of this theoretical planet. Both defeated Dark Matter, They are called the Star rod and the triple star, the Star Rod and Triple Star Wand (Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland and Kirby Squeak Squad/Mouse Attack) defeated Nightmare (Star Rod) and Dark Nebula (Triple Star Wand). Despite being a mere 8 Inches Tall and weighing as much as a ballon, this puff ball isn’t just deceptively strong, he’s terrifying strong. “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Kirby’s reflexes and reaction/combat speed scales to Metal Knight Naturally. Jean Elaine Grey is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character has been known under the aliases Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix.Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). ( Log Out /  Going by the Sicnfetic models, we got two sizes of the actual Universe size, 7 Trillion Light Years that can be used for the Low End and 23.25 Trillion Light Years as a high end. Now for the Force Kirby threw the frying pan, keep in mind Kirby threw the frying pan so far and hard that it orbited around the sun and back with enough heat to cook the creature but not melt the frying pan. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In many cases, the term is used to define the hypothetical set of every single possible universe, including the universe in which we live. A Blackhole can assert up to 1.6166480868e+90 Netwons of force on his body which is just unheard of, that means in the blackhole Kirby is carrying the mass of 1.6485222648e+89kg which is roughly the mass of 20 Undecillion Observable Universes, imagine tanking the weight of 20 Undecillion Universes. That means the Universe collapsed at 10 times the Observable Universe size per second or roughly 2.934857863283889e+19 c/ or 29.348 Quintillion times the speed of Light.