© The MA750 especially will sound bloated in comparison, but the SE215 and GR07 BE also won’t be quite as tight and refined as the SE535. The midrange remains the focus of the presentation with the SE535. There is still a long ways to go before the site has all of its the intended features and content, so keep checking back to see what’s new! I think it’s less warm than the SE535 and not as unique, if that makes sense. The Shure SE535s are meant to be worn this way, and feel a bit weird if you don't. The SE535s ($499 USD) are similar enough to the SE530s that one could be forgiven for thinking that they’re basically the same earphones. AONIC 3 Sound Isolating™ Earphones This is very critical to me. Shure managed to bring the signature closer to ‘balanced’, with improvements to the treble response affecting the rest of the spectrum in minor ways. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. Additional lightning and USB-C cables are available for premium connectivity for iOS and Android devices. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Shure SE535 BT2 Wireless Sound Isolating Earbuds, High Definition Sound + Natural Bass, Three Drivers, Bluetooth 5, Secure In-Ear Fit, Detachable Cable, Durable Quality - Bronze $325.99 Get the deal Dislikes Price. Shure SE535 Series Earphone Reviews. The bass was less tight and treble was harsh. Most of the differences between the two models stem from this minor change – the SE535 sounds a bit cooler, slightly less mid-centric, and a touch leaner than the SE530. Shure SE535 review: the accessories Shure provides a slew of different tips, ensuring a perfect fit. Also, the SE are supposed to be a little better. How does the 535 compare to shure 435? Shure SE535 review. Shure SE535 BT2 Wireless Sound Isolating Earbuds, High Definition Sound + Natural Bass, Three Drivers, Bluetooth 5, Secure In-Ear Fit, Detachable Cable, Durable Quality - Red Visit the Shure Store 4.4 out of 5 stars 104 ratings Buy. I listen to the 846 and 535 briefly and what I could remember they weren’t huge difference also the B and O h3 was better then the 535. I’ve had the SE535s for about two and a half years. I have come to really enjoy the overall signature of the i7’s, and would like an IEM that combines its better qualities (relatively balanced with a hint of warmth, forward mids with excellent detail on vocals and a shimmery quality, integrated and articulate highs) while adding slightly more thickness and bass. My first choice would be a TDK BA200. My home system is measured flat to 16 Hz at 110 dB. THe only way we'd say the MIE2s were more comfortable is if you hate looping the headphone cable around the back of your ears. The second area of “official” improvement is the presentation. Thanks very much for posting this – may come very handy for someone faced with a similar dilemma. Typically the only earphones that sound “clearer” are brighter sets, which have a strong chance of sounding (comparatively) more harsh and shrill than a Shure model. All SE535 color options include your choice of either both Bluetooth and 3.5mm communication accessories or the SE535LTD comes with a light grey standard 3.5mm cable. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The SE535 has very flat and linear bass compared to all of those. After the first day in Boston, I started thinking that a pair of in ear headphones wouldn’t be a bad idea, as I already missed listening to my music. Priced at $549, it’s definitely in the upper rungs of the market – and Shure’s most expensive earphones to date – but funnily enough, it’s difficult to find critics putting out a bad word on it. No better alternatives for someone who prioritizes all those things.”. Oh, you’re still here? Shure SE535 review. Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out thumps out with real venom, and a decent sense of pace. If you can’t get your hands on one, the HiFiMan RE-400 is the next best thing. Isolation (4/5) – As with most ergo-fit monitors, the SE535 isolates quite a lot with longer tips such as the included triple-flanges If they were the same price it’d be closer to 50/50. I njoy good bass and i listen to quite a variety of music. My impressions can be found here: https://theheadphonelist.com/short-impressions-ultimate-ears-reference-monitor-uerm-demo/. Unfortunately my experience with the middle models is extremely limited and while I like the SE535, I also think there are very good values for that type of balanced but slightly warm sound outside of Shure – for instance the Aurisonics Rockets and Sony MDR-7550, which cost $250 or so. Reviewed Jun 29, 2017 at 03:33 pm. In the case of the SE530/SE535, the changes touch mostly on construction and performance. First, there are nozzles that can be swapped, just like the Shure SE846. In the Box. I’ve never tried a Flare Audio product, but if they sound best to you then they are definitely the ones I’d stick with. They have twin mid/bass drivers and a dedicated tweeter per side and can dig deep when the music demands. These top-end Shures are off to a great start if a good fit is high on your list of priorities. The housings are now less rounded in shape and available in two colors. Hello joker! Shure SE535 review: listening impressions. Shure SE535 Earphones Review By Bill Henderson / February 12, 2011 February 12, 2011 / Reviews / Audio, Video, TV , Earphones , iOS / 15 Comments The Shure SE535 earphones are a … Clearly an improvement over the SE530 in my book but not one significant enough to warrant an upgrade for most current SE530 owners. Strain reliefs are again extremely beefy and the cable is much thicker than average. Full Story Here: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/shure-ear-series-se215-se315-se425-and-se535 I think the comparatively less-prominent mids also allow more detail to come through. The addition of a memory wire section doesn’t help either – the entire setup makes the earphones more difficult to position and causes the angular housings to press against my ears. New York, And I know some of these things I’m mentioning can be added aftermarket to other headphones, but it is nice to get it all at once simply, and some of these can’t be added after. Give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! Sure, there’s quite a few instances in which I’ve recommended these. Build Quality (4.5/5) – With the SE535, Shure has beefed up the construction of the flagship earphone, integrating the nozzle into the housing molds and foregoing the modular cable for a detachable single-piece design. i can’t decide between SE535, Etymotic ER-4 SR or XR. Hey Joker, All user reviews for the Shure SE535. The SE535 earphones aren’t meant to be a radical overhaul, but rather aim to offer a number of small tweaks which should add a new level of refinement to the flagship of Shure’s range. It may be better if you’re looking for a flat/neutral IEM but then you have lots of other options that don’t cost as much, such as the Audio-Technica IM02. Shure SE535LTD+BT1 in-ear headphones Shure’s SE535 in-ear headphones sound great and are quite accurate, facilitating EQ to suit just about anyone’s taste. However, are these bold promises reflected in reality? The Aonic 5 is driven by two woofers and one tweeter balanced armature drivers, which is the same setup as its predecessor, the Shure SE535 launched in 2010. Gear Used: iPod Classic 7G (rockboxed) > Shure SE535 The Shure SE535 are very expensive. What Hi-Fi? The SE535 and AF180 tend to be pretty flat, so the Klipsch you’ve been using would have to have very little bass for either of them to be an an increase in bass quantity, but I guess anything is possible. The previous-model Shure SE 205 had a less bulbous look than the manufacturer’s higher-end models, but now the whole set has adopted a similar look … The Shure SE535s are meant to be worn this way, and feel a bit weird if you don't. 30 March 2011. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Bass tone and treble quality, on the other hand, would go to the RE-400. Details: Shure’s latest flagship utilizing three armatures in a dual-low, single-high configuration MSRP: $549.99 / manufacturer’s page First post & bit of a noob but hoping you can help me out. Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out thumps out with real venom, and a decent sense of pace. The yellow tips are amazing at eliminating exterior sound and I use them in airplanes and other loud places, sometimes restaurants. Hi Joker About 2 weeks ago, I broke my wax filter for SE535 while cleaning. The cable connectors use a locking and swiveling design akin to that found on some customs but seems to suffer from an unusally high defect/failure rate so far. It also carries more air and, unlike the SE530, can make claims to sonic balance. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to purchase them, what other iems do you recommend under $200 that have a similar sound signature? I’m running the red SE’s. I checked on Innerfidelity and I found that the Dunu Titan 5, incredibly, has the same Frequency response than the se215, just a touch more bass. hello Joker, It’s hardly a coincidence, then, that Shure’s latest and greatest in-ear monitor, the SE535, found its way into my review queue. See our review of the SE215 here.The SE425s come in at $299, so they are not for the light of wallet. The Bluetooth receiver is a let-down. Shure SE425 Headphones Review. The Shure SE 425 have the same look and feel as the SE 315 but the earbuds are a bit bigger. They’re just tuned very differently from each other. By. Texture and microdetail levels lag behind many other BA-based earphones and even the dynamic-driver Sony EX1000 and JVC FX700. The connecting cable that includes a microphone and controls is detachable and can be replaced by a cable with a wireless Bluetooth receiver (SBC codec only). Wide dynamic reachThe Shures may not be quite as transparent as their closest rivals, but they’re still able to unravel a complex piece of music and make it understandable. By Sam Vafaei, Marc Henney, Yannick Khong. There are three ways to change the sound signature of the Aonic 5. And mine came with a plugged talkable cord, so I can use these for business calls. Do people on these forums realize how common early hearing loss is for headphone users? Other than a tiny bit of speed and recovery, the SE535 is mostly identical to the SE530 at the low end. Nozzle Size: 2.5mm | Preferred tips: Stock triple flanges, Shure Olives, Earsonics bi-flanges NY 10036. If I were you’d I’d start with figuring out what you’re after in terms of sound – whether you’re interested in moving in a more accurate and neutral direction from your SE215, or you want something equally smooth and bassy, or you’re looking for more liveliness and excitement in the form of brighter treble (the SE215 is not exactly tops for treble presence), and so on. Shares. Share. And which one would be a better buy? The Shure 535s are, without doubt, one of the best pairs of earphones I've ever heard in terms of audio quality, transparency, and pure audio joy.