The great feel at impact is due to the forging process. How a club interacts with turf is the key to game improvement. We still want a clean look and a nice sound and feel. There are plenty of great sets available, but what if you already have a great set and you just want to trade out an iron or two? By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. On the one hand, you want the brand-new bell or whistle that’s going to give you big marketing bullets. The new ZX utilities get the full Mainframe face upgrade but the thing you’ll notice most is there’s considerably less junk in the trunk. Srixon’s ZX5 Irons combine pioneering ball speed technology with premium forged feel, and deliver all of it in a forgiving yet workable chassis that’s razor sharp at address. It’s a unique variable thickness face design Srixon says maximizes ball speed no matter where you hit it on the face. And the ZX utilities represent an interesting upgrade over the very popular Z85 series. We put a little more bounce into the leading edge of the V sole but we don’t have to continue down to the heel and toe.”. That’s exactly why we love this game. Although Srixon is very fairly priced when compared to other insanely priced brands, we still think there are better value options available. A powerful computer and intelligent software allow designers to iterate thousands of different design possibilities quickly. “We made it more compact from face to back to eliminate the distraction of seeing the back muscle on your 2- or 3-irons,” says Brekke. Srixon actively promotes the idea of mixing and matching irons into any combination of utilities, ZX5s and ZX7s that suits your game. Srixon’s computer-driven Mainframe technology designed variable thickness face for the ZX5 and ZX utility. Specifically, the 3-  through 7-iron grooves are wider, shallower and farther apart. Why’d they go and do that? ZX7 is a one-piece forged cavity back for better players; the ZX5 is a multi-piece iron for distance and forgiveness. Save your money and spend it on things that make a difference, like lessons with a PGA instructor or more rounds for practice. Fast Facts Srixon ZX5 irons: Game improvement category irons Forged 1025 steel body Forged Sup10 stainless steel face Milled pattern cavity back Tungsten toe weight The 8-iron through pitching wedge grooves are deeper and narrower and there are more of them. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even though Srixon is more focused on tour-inspired designs, this one blends the forgiveness of the game improvement irons with the feel and the look of tour irons and designed like this it mostly appeals to mid-handicappers. Srixon Intros ZX Irons BY ED TRAVIS Srixon’s new ZX irons, the ZX5 and ZX7, were designed using sophisticated computer software combined with the company’s years of experience making high performance clubs. The Srixon ZX irons are the only major OEM offering the Nippon N.S. One of our favourite irons on the market for the 2016 season. One thing is for sure though… Srixon clubs don’t get the attention they deserve. Srixon Z 585 Irons. The entire Srixon ZX irons lineup is available for both sides of the plate. “If our strategies are inefficient, the most powerful computer in the world won’t get you where you want to be,” says Brekke. It’s like the best of both worlds: appearance of a players iron, while retaining the performance (see next section of the article) of a game improvement iron. The previous model was very successful so Srixon have not messed with it much, just done a few things here and there to improve the feel and the speed off the face. Fast Facts Srixon ZX5 irons: Game improvement category irons Forged 1025 steel body Forged Sup10 stainless steel face Milled pattern cavity back Tungsten toe weight Progressive … You’d need a massively thicker face,” says Brekke. “You’re not going to dig in and lose head speed. Watch to find out! If you are buying a single iron, it’s important to know the average range of the club and test it to se… Those were absent in the Z65 and Z85 models but are back for the ZX series, “The notches are for drag,” says Brekke. “For the ZX7, we reduced the blade length just a touch (compared to the Z785), which is something Tour players wanted. I was able to hit 10 shots in a row with my 7 irons all within 5 yards distance-wise, which gave my great confidence in this set. But that sacrifices heel-toe MOI, so we put tungsten out on the toe to keep the performance numbers up.”. The new Srixon ZX lineup replaces the highly successful Z85 series. The club heads are forged from soft 1020 carbon steel, leading to little vibration and a “butter” feel when hit on the center of the club face. Review: The Srixon Z 565 game-improvement iron, which earned gold medal honors on the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List. Srixon is also going back to the future with its Tour V.T. Using the softer alloy to forge the body reduces vibrations and gives this game improvement iron a feel of a players iron. Introducing New Z Series Irons. And even though the Z785 cavity back was also an MGS top performer, many golfers preferred the older Z765 for looks and feel. Featuring an added Speed Groove, the Z 585 Irons offer incredible distance gains, while precision forging provides the ultimate soft feel. The UST Mamiya Recoil is the stock shaft (R, S and X flex). They should start to transition from their game-improvement irons and maybe get forgiving blades or cavity back irons that have the … Srixon’s ZX utilities are getting perhaps the biggest upgrade from the Z85 models. His job is to cut through ... We all struggle for perfection with our game of golf. Before you select an iron, consider the following: 1. Srixon ZX Irons – Key Takeaways. To keep CG low enough, Srixon added tungsten weighting to the ZX utility sole. “In short irons, we’re not worried so much about distance or maximizing face hotness. “If you hit it high on the face, the club is going to want to rotate backward and you’re going to add loft,” says Brekke. Our take: Honma’s XP-1 irons are made for game-improvement golfers who want a traditional profile. I can truly say that I didn’t notice a difference in feel between the three, even on perfectly struck shots with the Z Forged blades. Email Address The ZX5 in graphite will sell for $1,399.99 (eight-piece set). In addition, Srixon was able to slim down the top line so it’s only two millimeters thicker than those of the ZX5 and ZX7. The new Srixon ZX5 is the replacement for the Z585 while the ZX7 is an update for the Z785. Features of Srixon Z-355 Golf Irons: Action Mass – This technology is one of the main reasons why Srixon Z-355 are game-improvement irons. comes in. And if you’re looking for irons for a tournament, again Srixon Z-355 are a good choice. Since these are primarily game-improvement irons, they are excellent for golfers who are mid to higher handicaps. Srixon paired a SUP10 maraging steel face insert with a forged 1020 carbon steel body on the Z 585 irons. “We’ve been using it for several iron generations and we continue to refine its capabilities,” says Brekke. The ZX utility irons will retail for $219.99 each. If you are a mid to high handicap golfer, the Srixon Z 355 Irons will be just perfect for your game. Those may be nits to pick but picking nits is at the heart of Srixon’s iron development. Providing some serious forgiveness and awesome shot shaping features, you also get a nice sweet spot for enhanced accuracy. I really like the graduated sole design – thicker soles with longer irons for extra forgiveness and thinner soles for shorter irons for added control on well struck shots. By the Scot. Sole. In non-marketing speak, that means minimizing ball speed loss on off-center strikes, but you get the idea. Srixon Golf Game Improvement. It’s all very deliberate.”. You may or may not agree with that, but I’d encourage you to at least test them out to see what you think. Those looking for a game improvement iron typically want two things: distance and forgiveness. TOUR V.T. We have some individual irons and set options below that you can compare and contrast to find the right fit for your golfing needs. ORLANDO, Florida – Srixon’s new ZX irons, the ZX5 and ZX7, were designed using sophisticated computer software combined with the company’s years of experience making high performance clubs. By making the chassis narrower, CG starts to creep up, which impacts MOI, gear effect and overall performance. My mishits with the Srixon Z 585 irons fly nearly just as far as my perfect strikes. Fast Facts Srixon … Your email address will not be published. The top line when you address the ball is not as chunky as most game improvement irons. ... Z 585 Irons offer game-improvement features in a compact, workable shape that’s ideal for mid to low-handicappers. The Penfold Seve Glove Set – A Masters Special, Spotlight: Swing easy, big or small, at New Orleans’ Stonebridge Golf Club, copped Most Wanted Game Improvement iron in 2018, The must-have putter grips from Golf Pride, Together As One – adidas and Vice collab on a golf shoe, Golfers flood back to fairways as lockdown lifts in England, Historic Scots golf club suffers ‘heartbreaking’ vandalism, Gordon Sherry shares pro regrets (and has advice for today’s young players), Stewart Golf unveils stealthy Q Follow Black Edition. As long as you can cope with the unforgiving look at address, you’ll be fine when it comes to forgiveness due to the increased perimeter weighting around the clubhead. “Tungsten is always something you wish you could use more of,” says Brekke. This website is based on the best value golf clubs. “If a player hits it toward the toe x percent more than on the heel, you want to weigh that more intelligently in your design decisions,” says Brekke. Srixon Z 785 Irons. Srixon Z 585 Irons set is something you need to look at. Sole. The updated ZX utility is more streamlined than the Z85 utility while still keeping the center of gravity low. Srixon's Z 565 irons made our top 10 game improvement irons for 2018 in our biggest ever equipment test - Top Gear. “That’s the most expected combo,” says Brekke. Game-Improvement Irons Super Game-Improvement Irons Wedges Blade Putters Mallet Putters 2020 Best Game-Improvement Irons. Players Iron 2-10 handicap Game improvement to me would be a handicap of 10-20, Super game improvement 15- 25. If you are looking for game improvement irons that LOOK and FEEL like players irons, the Srixon Z-585 irons should be high up on your list to try out. While demoing, I was hitting these irons about 3-5 yards longer than my current gamers, and both irons have the same lofts (31 degrees for a 7 iron). All Major Brands. As you can see, the Z 585 is the most forgiving model of the three, but it’s not as forgiving as other game improvement iron sets. This new lineup has trimmed that down to two, the game improvement Z 585 irons and the players Z 785 irons. Can you realistically improve on one of the best game improvement irons, one of the best player’s irons and one of the best utility irons of the last half-decade? Any time you change the basic geometry of a club, you have to deal with unintended consequences. Matched To Your Swing. With their new high strength steel faces, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Z 585 irons last longer than other forged irons. The biggest is the Mainframe-designed face. The ZX7 features the heavier and lower launching PRO Modus3 120 shaft as stock in both S flex (114 grams) and X flex (120 grams). “That’s from the player’s perspective, and the topline has some visual trickery with a chamfer you don’t really see at address.”. It’ll take a discerning player to notice substantive differences between the new Srixon ZX7 and the previous Z785, but they’re there. The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip is stock. Performance wise, the main difference is that the new Z 585 irons have a stronger club face. The Z25 and Z45 models featured sole notches on the heel and toe. It’s usually the perimeter and taking away perimeter mass sacrifices forgiveness. A common way to save a lot of money is to find the previous line of clubs. Srixon has produced a superb game improvement iron in its Z 545. Lefties rejoice! Right? There is no stock graphite offering. They share plenty of DNA with the Z585s but there are enough differences to matter. The next category is for intermediate and average golfers. The Srixon ZX7 is also noticeably more bottom-heavy than the Z785, with what looks like a shelf or bridge at the very bottom. Srixon’s parent company also owns Miyazaki but when it comes to retail, you have to play the shelf appeal game. Two-piece construction lets you optimize both of those.”. “It has added mass behind the ball for better and more consistent feel at that impact location. You’ll note Srixon is not offering Miyazaki as its stock graphite shaft in the ZX series. Set or Individual. team and pressed into the back of the face. They have cavity backs for added forgiveness, but their thin toplines and forged design make you think you’re gaming a players iron. Srixon We’ll break them down in simple terms: You’ll notice that they all were made for feel. The new Srixon ZX lineup replaces the highly successful Z85 series. ZX7 is a one-piece forged cavity back for better players; the ZX5 is a multi-piece iron for distance and forgiveness. The UST Mamiya Recoil 95 is the graphite option. Not a huge difference, though. For the Srixon ZX irons, the result of the A.I. “They’re all very similar but the finer view is we’re definitely looking to pair the utility irons with the ZX7, and giving that player an easy transition if he’s stepping into the utility after his 4- or 5-iron. That allows Mainframe to make the face as thin as possible without compromising durability. PRO Modus3 Tour as its stock iron shaft. “With long irons, we’re going for distance and consistency,” says Brekke. An added benefit of the Srixon Z 585 irons? It’s a one-piece 1020 carbon steel forging and, as mentioned earlier, 1020 carbon steel isn’t compatible with the Mainframe process. Range. collaboration is called Mainframe. Srixon, a Japan-based sports equipment brand, has produced a new line of golf clubs called the ZX5 and ZX7 series. New XXIO Prime X Irons. Perfect for the entry level or occasional player, there is a heap of forgiveness on offer with distance thrown in as well. Get consistent ball strikes with smooth turf interaction. “We want to move mass as far away from that as possible.”, “You can only change so much. “More so on the heel when a player’s hands get a little low at impact or if the club hasn’t dropped all the way down. Just look at the picture above. Good, bad or ugly, they offer something for almost everyone. The ZX5 is more of a better player’s game improvement iron and features the lighter PRO Modus3 Tour 105 in both R flex (103 grams) and S flex (106.5 grams). I won’t let the computer go too far in one direction because I know the result will feel terrible and you’ll have a clicky sound.”, “We’re a ways away from saying, ‘Hey, computer, here’s a club head and here’s a goal – maximize ball speed’,” he adds. “It’s definitely a narrower sole and chassis width so you don’t see the backside at address behind the topline.”. The Srixon Z 585 Iron’s Speed Groove boosts your distance while precision forging provides soft feel. Again, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 is stock. I'm going to start with my favorite feature of the Srixon Z355 irons, the sole. First off, the ZX does not have Mainframe technology. first look Submit Search Catalog. On my mishits is where I saw the biggest difference, though. The likely outcome may very well be something a team of engineers would never have been able to consider. “When you go chasing new materials, you might run into manufacturing issues that end up watering down or completely washing out any gains you thought you were achieving through some textbook numbers.”. Because they have been out of 2-3 years, the prices have slowly dropped every month. Specifically, it’s a variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels and cavities co-designed by Srixon’s A.I/H.I. Those benefits far outweigh what a two-piece design could ever do for that player.”. “You couldn’t do Mainframe with 1020 carbon. There’s a clear and present challenge for the new Srixon ZX irons: When you have a powerhouse iron lineup like the Srixon Z85 series, how do you make it better? Both manufacturers categorize those shafts as mid-launch. Incredible feel at impact. Srixon Z 785 Irons Srixon’s new ZX irons, the ZX5 and ZX7, were designed using sophisticated computer software combined with the company’s years of experience making high performance clubs. “That’s the extra bounce on the leading edge,” says Brekke. There is hardly a difference at all in design. “The design game is how to invisibly hide weight and how to invisibly control weight,” says Brekke. SOLE. “That’s where the human interface (H.I.) Over the years of reviewing irons, I've learned that there are little things about clubs that don't get talked about … 4 out of 5 i-403s have improved my game 27 June 2009. Srixon is doing the same thing – only different – with the new ZX irons. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. It’s a great option for those that want a little forgiveness without giving up on workability, feel, and appearance at address. Winner of MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Game Improvement Iron, the Srixon Z 585 Irons offer game-improvement features in a compact, workable shape for increased distance and feel. Saving $400 without giving up on any significant improvement between golf clubs is an easy decision in our minds. We’ve seen it in wedge design: 46- through 52-degree wedges with wider grooves better suited to full shots and 54-degree and up with narrower grooves better suited for partial shots. “In our optimization model, we can consider impact variation and adjust our design to best optimize the overall average, not just your center face average.”. Our Job is Your Game. Personally, the MAIN thing about game improvement irons that deters average and above-average golfers is the THICK toplines.