Tips for using sea salt sprays in dry hair: Always use sea salt spray as the last step in your styling process. Sugar spray is basically salt spray… Sugar styling sprays are suitable for all hair types and can be used on dry or damp hair. Salt spray is more dry and coarse on the hair, leaving it with that characteristic gritty texture. I’ve also seen a version with one cup water and half a cup brown sugar, but the idea is the same in both. Fill a spray bottle 2/3 of the way with warm water. TIP: For easy morning hair, braid dry hair in to a french braid (or french braid pigtails) at night and spray with this spray. I am a simple gal when it comes to hair care, and as long as I have a good stock of dry shampoo, I am good.With many requests for DIY natural hair spray, I decided to give it a whirl. Spray on to dry hair to finish whenever you want big, bold volume. FOR USE ON DAMP OR DRY HAIR. Inspired by unique ingredients and extracts to help create texture without the dry out. It works well alone and can be used on dry hair or wet hair. DIY HAIR SPRAY . Shelf Life: 3 months. This DIY homemade hair spray recipe will keep your hairstyles looking great all day — without the harmful side effects. Sugar spray does away with any crunch and has a softer and more conditioning effect, which feeds dehydrated strands and leaves them with a serious sheen. Y’all know my love for DIYing around here and hair products are top on my list. This product has shipping restrictions. Mad moisture… Hydrates for a silky-soft overhaul in a snap. Air dry or use a blow-dryer or diffuser for more constructed waves. This item cannot be shipped by air. For medium to long hair, apply from middle of hair to the ends. Write a review. Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Sugar Shock Hair Bodifying Sugar Spray, 5.1 Ounce. Our OGX® Bamboo Fiber Full Sugar High Tousle Spray will help separate, elevate and define your ’do. Just like with dry hair, braiding your locks can help you get the most out of your texture spray. Always remember to use heat protection spray on dry hair. Für bewegte Strand-Textur mit geschmeidigem Haargefühl und natürlichem Glanz. Similar to salt sprays, sugar will give your hair more texture, but with a shinier finish, compared to salt spray's matte look. Or spray over wet hair and blow-dry in for a subtle, voluminous look with added oomph. The sea salt amount you require depends on the thickness and length of your hair. Great hold for my short spikey style... smells great, too! Spray to finish. Close the bottle, and shake it vigorously to mix. For a refined look : After blow-drying hair using a round brush, spray on the wax. This sweet sugar spray adds texture and captures perfectly undone hair for just woke up like this allure. It also nourishes and adds shine. Spray from roots to ends and "scrunch" hair. Finish blowdrying or curling your hair, and apply any serums or creams. Be the first to WRITE A REVIEW! FOR INSTANT SOFTNESS Knot on my watch… Dry conditioner manages tough tangles without hitting the tub. If your hair is damaged from dyeing (like mine) or has a tendency to be dry or brittle, sugar spray will be a better option. Well, I used to not worry about the ingredients in hair spray but I’ve had to start reading hair spray labels for several reasons: The Problems with Hair Spray – Allergic Reactions The first step is to spray the heat protection spray on hair. It’s easy to wash out and is great for styling hair, but won’t offer the strong hold you can get with a great hairspray. This sugar-infused spray won’t dry out your hair, and it’ll minimize frizz, all while giving it that great, beachy texture you crave. Blended with bamboo fibers and sugar cane extract, get a loose, lived-in look every day. !’ Rating. As mentioned earlier, sea salt sprays can tend leave many people's hair feeling dry. Apply on damp hair to create great texture and volume or use on dry hair for a more settled style. Sugar Spray for voluminous texture Hold Level 3 Get a grip on volume: this rich flexible spray infused with sugar provides lift, shine and touchable grippy texture. Whereas salt sprays dry out your strands, sugar sprays leave a sheen on your hair – adding the extra grip and texture – but with added hair hydration benefits. You can use the product before blow-drying if you want to add extra volume or apply it after styling your hair if you want more hold. Check them out, here. Then use sea salt spray as the final spritz on the midlengths to the ends of your hair. $10 off orders of $50+ code: PURSHINE10 Honey is great for us who struggle with thick coarse hair. Build up texture and volume by working in layers; spray, tousle, let dry, and repeat if needed. Shop Beach Waves Sugar Hair Spray by Pureology, a texturizing and non-drying beach waves spray styling product made with natural ingredients such as sugar cane for hair for tousled, beachy waves. Most store bought hair sprays are full of chemicals that are harmful not only to your body but also to the environment! Perfectly Undone Texturizing Sugar Hair Spray. Spray your hair with some sea salt spray; Before you spray your hair, you should gently shake your salt-infused spray to combine all the ingredients. The spray also leaves my hair … You should spray a good amount of the salt-infused spray all over the hair working from the hair roots to the tips. Spritz a wave spray throughout towel-dried hair, braid your hair as you normally would, and allow your hair to dry. by TIGI. Sucrose in used as a humectant to retain the hair’s moisture in Tigi Bed Head Sugar Shock Hair Bodifying Sugar Spray ($14.45, The caption of the pin reads: To straighten hair without heat, just mix a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of BROWN sugar, pour it into a spray bottle, then spray into damp hair and let hair dry. No reviews to date. Spray the mixture onto your hair to make brushing easier. ... Sugar Tease Hair Spray. Mamamia spoke to award-winning hairstylist Anthony Nader about the sugar spray trend, and he is very on board. Re-spray and scrunch for all-day texture and waves. See how Sugar makes your hair instantly soft & smooth l Dry hair treatment For more details you can visit us on our Facebook and Instagram page: I use the spray on my hair after I dry it to enhance my curls, and I also use it on my wet hair. It can be used on both wet and dry hair and keeps hair under control without making it particularly shiny. Gloss boss… Spray it around to leave locks beaming. In the morning, use dry shampoo if needed and unbraid hair. The added bonus with this one is volume and texture. So, dry your hair completely after washing your hair. "Some hair types will dehydrate quickly due to the salt content in a sea salt spray," says Bryceland. Use water and hair conditioner. 1 tbsp Water or rose water: to add a nice smell to you hair, rose water would be the perfect hair perfume. ... Sugar Spray. Before you start, deep condition your hair so that when you apply the heat styling product it will penetrate the cuticle and will be absorbed into the hair. We recommend pick a light hair oil or serum that isn’t too sticky and does the job. We rounded up the very best curl-refreshing sprays for every single curl type, including wavy, loose, fuzzy, frizzy, kinky, and dry. “The sugar has a far softer and conditioning effect due to the ingredients, including sugar cane extract, plankton and sea kelp which feeds your dehydrated strands to healthier days,” he told Mamamia. According to an article on, honey contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for your overall health, but amazing for your hair.Also, honey can retain water, making it an effective moisturizer. How to use: Spray, scrunch, and manipulate. No stickiness. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with your favorite hair conditioner. SUGAR IS THE NEW SALT What’s the difference? 1-2 tsp light hair oil: you can go for lavender oil or argon oil for this hair spray depending on the hair type and need. If you find it feels too dry, shop for a milder sugar spray online. Spritz it through damp or dry hair and scrunch into locks for a wavy texture that you can achieve even when you're not at the beach! It can be used on wet or dry hair. Dries within seconds, leaving behind crystals that add texture to hair. How did it … 5 Best For Thick Hair. 100%. Style as desired. Ever made a homemade hair product? Box Contains. Spray 20-30 cm away from the hair … So for those with dry or coloured hair, a sugar spray is a real winner. Not to mention, sea salt spray can leave your hair dehydrated — and there’s nothing California cool about dry, crispy locks or damaged hair. The only difference is, this time you’ll want to use the texture spray first and braid second. Blast your roots or spray it all over on dry hair for major volume that doesn't feel sticky. Available in the continental USA only. Spray in freshly washed hair for body and movement, without the drying effects of salt. It’s fine, but I have quite a bit of it and when I let it dry naturally it’s really curly/wavy, but after a day or so it turns pretty limp. How to Use a Sugar Hair Spray?