I will not buy again. So it turns out that Big Red, tequila, plus other liquids = a yummy drink! Tequila . Light gold, kind of tastes like it looks. I would advise against that. If you visit Canada, try that fucking cream soda icee. creme de cocoa, 1½ oz. A little more peppery and agave-forward up front, mellowing out so that you can taste some light barrel notes at the finish. #camarenatequila #lighting #tequila #productphotography #productphoto #shotoniphone, A post shared by dynamitebling (@dynamitebling) on Jan 13, 2019 at 10:45pm PST. If you're going to mix it with any of that stuff, go with an inexpensive white tequila. Notes of black pepper sit next to a bitter fruitiness on the end of the sip. I’d like to have this with an ice cube to see how that shifts my opinion. Is Big Red the same as cream soda? Very enjoyable. Nice floral-herb finish. I’m a fan. Basically, if you want to challenge your friends to a drinking duel, have it in your arsenal. If it has anything going for it, it leaves you with a tolerable aftertaste. Vince: Buttery. Like the taste is a mystery? Love it! Because: Drunk Allison. And, it gets smarter the more you use it. Mike: Summertime party vibes here. It’s all supplemented by the not-so-subtle sweetness of, well, cream soda . & cream soda tastes like a cinnamon roll The flavors are nice for a tequila with additives, but I have to dock points due to the strong artificial flavors. It is a brighter red than fresh cut meat. Club soda and seltzer water both combine well with tequila, giving the flavors of the tequila a chance to shine. vanilla, caramel and oak flavors. Don’t love. What does Big Red Soda taste like? Steve: Nice grassy agave fading quickly and growing creamy on the palate. Notes of citrus, rich caramel, earthy green leaves, more agave, and pepper all pop up in the sip. Finally, Allison Sanchez was a complete newbie, which was fun and provided us with some raw, funny takes. Oops! Try this instead: Equal parts Orange Soda with Red wine. Cream Soda Kombucha Ingredients. Very nice tequila! I’d bet on that. Like an older taste. It has a sweet citrus taste that’s so amazing. Back on the shelf @filoliquors TEQUILA REPOSADO with a FREE PITCHER from @tequilacazadoresmx #FILOLiquors #bigcountrytexas #bigcountryliquor #westtexas #taylorcounty #AnsonTexas #abilenetx #abilenetexas #BuffaloGapTexas #BairdTexas #ComeandDrinkIt #BradshawTexas #tuscola #TyeTexas #TrentTexas #eulatexas #rotantexas #robytexas #potositexas #clydetexas #MerkelTexas #ViewTexas #CapsTexas #cazadorestequilareposado #hawleytexas #MilesTexas #colemantexas #FindatFILO #LawnTexas #FILOAbilene, A post shared by FILO Liquors (@filoliquors) on May 1, 2018 at 12:15pm PDT. It’s slightly floral, buttery, and full of spice and pepper on the backend. Soft drinks of the time often carried the surname of the creator along with the product name. Nah, they mean red. More wood than agave, prob an añejo. 2 oz. Tasted next to Karma Reposado. That all leads to a dusty spice shelf of chili pepper flakes and white pepper alongside floral notes and clear agave nectar. It’s got all of whiskey’s complexity but its aficionados aren’t quite so self-serious. not bad maybe over priced, but I've read half the price is for the actual bottle which is very nicely made. Then it fades to earthy honey at the finish. Juice of 1/2 Lemon . Very Solid. I understand Arturo waits more than 9 years to harvest his organic agaves, and some say that is why it has such a sweet taste. Mike: This one will make you friends when you buy a round. I've never had buyer's remorse... What can I say that has not been said . This one’s not for the faint of heart. 1 oz. Oaky. Not for the uninitiated. But. Sip it neat at room temperature. honestly it taste exactly like Don Julio 1942 just sweeter in my opinion alot sweeter. This, to me, is a quite interesting dram and one I’d love to play with behind the bar. Clase Azul bills itself as a high quality tequila, which does come in a beautiful unique decanter bottle.The Reposado has zero burn, is smooth and tastes like cream soda, but even more sugary.It is more balanced than the blanco and is sweet and has a soft finished taste. Vince: Nice agave aroma. But it smells like a combo of plastic and sweet which reminds me of a Barbie who came with her own signature perfume. Definitely a special occasion choice. Share on LinkedIn. This two-part shot is a taste experience like no other, and there are a couple of ways to make it. not bad maybe over priced, but I've read half the price is for the actual bottle which is very nicely made. It all depends, of course, on your knowledge of tequila. Pour any soda or sparkling water you like; seltzer with a hint of lime or grapefruit are fabulous choices. It’s deeply roasted — so that grassy agave is extremely mellowed and a little dark. Slightly bright and light with a herbal end. Share on Pinterest. Wish I was not paying for the bottle as well as the tequila. . Big Red is a soft drink created in 1937 by Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark in Waco, Texas and originally known as Sun Tang Red Cream Soda . Allison: This is very sweet, it smells like a sugary cocktail. Steve: Lots of herbs here. A little cloying. Steve: This is a classic añejo — all the vegetal notes are smoothed on the front end by the barrelling, but you get a sense of the agave mid-palate. The discovery that not all tequila tastes like plain white Cuervo, and that there are ways to enjoy it other than 'Lime-Salt-Shot swallowed as quickly as possible-Yell WOOOOOOO at the top of your lungs' aids in this greatly.