$5 for 60-70 mls, which will last a 15-20 cat colony about 5 months. San Francisco at Last Spay/ Neuter Information That was an interesting fact about cats. Studies from the West, South and Northeast United States tell us that between 9% and 22% of households feed free-roaming cats that they do … how to get a a kitten to come out of hiding, Cat Behavior: 10 Reasons Why Your Cat Brings Her Kittens Into Your Bed, Why Do Cats Hiss at New Kittens? In the grand scheme of things, cats aren’t all that domesticated. Yesterday she was killed on the road beside us and we are devastated. Much like male lions in a pride, tom cats will often kill any kittens in their territory. Our cat had kittens outside 2 weeks ago. These cats I bought cat food and put water in a bowl right outside of the trash bin. ... Bears eat cat food and can be expected to be attracted to places where food is provided for feral cats. Well written post. Safety and secretiveness go hand in hand. Examples of locations where mother cats hide their kittens are: The simple answer to that is that the cat doesn’t know the location is unsafe. Well, one of the best things you can do for it is to buy a feral cat shelter. a few years back a feral cat had babies behind our shower and we ended up getting the one she abandoned and later found a sibling of it now the abandoned one is dead from a toad!!! Chances are, she has no trust of humans, and she will never willingly lead you to her kitten. When I was a young girl we lived in the country. I had a cat (actually several). If your cat had kittens outside or if you know of a local feral cat who has had kittens, you’ll most likely be eager to find where they are. Mom got pregnant by Blackie this winter and just had her babies last week somewhere on our property. Instead, call a local veterinarian to ask what you can do. It's heartbreaking. Remember, you are dealing with both mama AND her babies. - CatVills, What Do You Do if You Find a Sick Kitten? Feral Cat Coalition What To Do With A Feral Cat. A cat advice blog answering letters from readers about cat health and behavior issues since 2003. at Last Young Kitten Care Information About Us  -  Advertise with Us  -  Contact Us  -  Write for Us  -  Privacy policy - Unsubscribe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And, placement in suitable adoptive home as soon as Those gifts of dead animals that they bring us are another instinctive activity. The best way to ensure that she won’t move her kittens to an undesirable location within the home is to give her a safe place to birth at the start. If the mama cat appears to be struggling, don’t run right over. I had to watch from a window inside of the house and if she caught me watching her, she wouldn’t move. there are low cosat shelters to spay and neuter the kittens. I had to watch and follow her before I realized where she had littered. Feral cats live in the wild, but are not the same as stray cats or wild cats in that they are descended from domestic cats but have had no contact with humans. And how did he know??? Not a cat person but I enjoy knowing more details about them. During the last few days of her gestation period she may start wandering in search of a … Im providing food and water for her and watching? There are community cats in the US as well. at Last Young Kitten Care Information, San Francisco Doing so means that the mother cat will go back into heat sooner, and give him a better chance of mating with her and passing down his genetic code rather than that of a competitor male in the area. Still have not found her. For details on this hormone treatment, visit www.birth controlforcats.com . They were safe there. We have had two feral cats for 2 years – last year she had a liter and we never knew where. Take note of areas that she frequents most. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Then my dad heard the cat meowing at the door again and goes to see what she was meowing about.