As such, you can greatly improve ball control, so you can land it where you want it to be. One of the great things about the Clash 100 is that it works best for players who are plagued with injuries. After all, it comes with great spin, power, and maneuverability. Thank for this, well done. It’s designed to fit all types of players, especially if you use this with your favorite tennis ball machine. Contact. The Wilson Clash 100L has all the ingredients to help intermediate players take their game to the next level, combining comfort and performance brilliantly. The Clash gets its name by combining usually different traits of (power + control) & (flexibility … No wonder many pro athletes including Nicole Gibbs endorse this racquet. Will Wilson Class 100L be a disadvantage to me as I am not a beginner player anymore? Clash 98 and 100 Pro are aimed at professionals or more advanced players. I am only 5′ tall and weigh 44kg. Still living in Florida, so wondering has anyone had a paint issue with the 2.0 version?? CLASH ACTUALLY DELIVERS! I am in Florida, but when not playing the racquet is in air conditioned house (and not car.) Wilson Clash 100 Color Design (black-grey-orange). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Then all the decal paint peeled off. But choosing a racquet that will give you the power and drive you need to be a champ is not so easy. Challenger or Grand Slam? I definitely think Wilson … It can help many people with similar issues. The brand new Wilson Clash got the black handle, grey middle of the frame, and orange top. The Wilson Clash is definitely a competitor to the Pure Aero, HEAD Extreme and other popular 100 sq inch racquets. More importantly, it’s also perfect for professionals given its good grip size. I was able to pressure the opponent with fast swings, no need to do anything except the perfect swing. Per your question: Frankly, the tennis arm is a tricky issue. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Select 2 Day Racquet Shipping at checkout. Simon is the leading editor of from 2015. Indeed, you’ll really enjoy the feel and ball pocketing with this one. And now you can read below my notes from playtesting of this revolutionary model. As such, it is perfect for those with tennis injuries. ), Read the full list of our Tennis Racquet Reviews or Best Tennis Racket for Every Player Guide. But I understand the point that the mass market does not like the crazy color combination as much as me. All the light gray paint bubbled off. The Wilson Clash 100L tennis racquet comes with an excellent blend of power and control in a lightweight and maneuverable frame. Whether you are a beginner or a semi-pro tennis athlete, making a switch to the right racquet can help you earn some sweet victories. The new name should give a clear signal who is the target player of the Pro racket. It is the first racquet designed that can bend with the modern swing. Version 1 was introduced in February 2019. It plays great but looks like a mess. The answer is pretty simple. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. With this product, you can achieve great spin and power without losing control and feel. Wilson uses the word “revolution” as the synonym for the Clash in its marketing. I consider myself now a hobby intermediate player. All of this is packaged in a lighter, easy swinging weight that makes it incredibly accessible. And I will make it clear right at the start. And that is the case of Wilson Clash. Thanks to the Innovative FreeFlex and StableSmart technology together that put the Clash1 00 as an unconventional racquet in the market.