European Green Deal Working group presents Report to the EU Commission

Faced with the prospect of a long-lasting and traumatic Covid-19 pandemic, the CEPS Think Tank decided to step up our efforts to support the work of EU institutions in the development of an industrial strategy fit for a brighter future. The tank started to advertise an ambitious work programme in early summer 2020, and officially launched the Task Force ‘Towards a resilient and sustainable post-pandemic recovery’ on 26 November 2020. CEPS created eight Working Groups tasked with formulating policy recommendations.

Avans University of Applied Science professor Anna Sabidussi, member of the Task Force in the “European Green Deal Working Group” (WGR1), focused on policy recommendations for the EU Green Deal. This important initiative aims at building momentum and making sure that sustainability is a shared priority in a quintuple helix approach at the European and at the global level.

Now the CEPS Task Force presents the executive summary of their findings. The report “European Green Deal”  from “European Green Deal Working Group 1” (WGR1) is out.