Final report: Cultural Challenges in Irish-Dutch Business Relations

Our research project about Cultural Challenges in Irish-Dutch Business Relations has been completed.

The resulting findings, insights, (anonymous!) quotes and “Top Tips” for both Irish and Dutch business people you will find here.

Some are familiar but seemingly continuing real issues, while there are also some eye-opening comments from both cultures on the other’s respective traits and behaviours!

We hope you will find the report informative and entertaining, and also useful ongoing food for thought and discussion with Irish and Dutch colleagues, partners, customers and relations!

Finally Avans and GrowEurBusiness would like to thank all involved in making and supporting this research project: the Ireland Netherlands Business Association (INBA) and the Dutch Irish Business Association (DIBA), but most of all the workshop participants and interviewees who so enthusiastically shared their stories and experiences!

Research team: Bezcioglu-Göktolga I., Devjak I., Smeets, R. and Sabidussi A.