Open Symposium Wellbeing Economy meets Critical Imagination 28th September 2022

As the environmental crisis continues to get worse, social inequality rises and political extremism and war reemerge in Europe, the need for a fundamental change of our society has become greater than ever before. If we want Europe to have a democratic future, we urgently need to address the fact that our economic systems are unsustainable as they tend to deplete the natural, social and psychological resources on which they are built.   

In recent years, an increasing number of critical economists, together with activists and entrepreneurial visionaries, have begun to develop alternative approaches to economic theory and practice. The open symposium Wellbeing Economy meets Critical Imagination will bring together some of the leading (inter)national scholars and practitioners to discuss the question of how to (re)build an economy that generates wellbeing for everybody. An important aspect and focus of the conference is the role of the cultural and creative industries within the wider social transformation toward such a wellbeing economy.  

You are kindly invited to join the discussion with our international guests, researchers and students as well as the wider public! 

This event is a collaboration between Avans research group New Marketing/ESB and research group Cultural and Creative Industries/CARADT.

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