Redesigning the Global Value Chain- Joint project Hogeschool Rotterdam and Avans Hogeschool

Hogeschool Rotterdam (HR) and Avans Hogeschool (International Business Programmes) have launched a cooperation on joint research projects, through the start of a pilot joint project.

This pilot project has been developed by Anna Sabidussi, lector International Business, ESB Avans, Leo Klienbannink, lector Internationalisation and International Business HR, Isabel Solé Subirats, lecturer HR and Robin Pereboom, lecturer Avans.

Joint research project – Tackling “Wicked Problems”

From March till end of May 2021, a group of 18 students (9 per university in 3 mixed groups of 6 members) have worked together in this pilot project on a so-called ‘wicked problem’. A ‘wicked problem’ is a problem that can be defined in more than one way. They involve more than one perspective, e.g. social, economic, technological or ecological and multiple stakeholders. There is not one simple solution to be found and every possible solution may trigger a new problem.

Wicked Problems in Apparel Industry

The focus of this joint project has been on wicked problems in a specific industry, namely the Apparel Industry and more specifically Fashion. As the 2nd  most polluting industry in the world and with a really fragmented global value chain this industry faces many challenges to transform into a sustainable sector.

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