What are some of your wash and go tips? Here goes our list of the best products for wash n go’s along with some tips for using them: #1 Reclaim Your Crown Curl Elixir Check out the best wash and go tutorials I’ve gathered from some amazing vloggers which, showcase routines for different hair textures and lengths. The method and technique that works for one head may not work for someone else. If you prefer to use a diffuser because you want to dry your hair faster, go ahead and do so. It is imperative that your hair is clean before you start the wash and go process because this technique is all about layering products on clean strands so that your hair can retain moisture and keep the style. For 6 years this has been my staple style after my big chop. I know which techniques work best for distributing product in my hair, what gels or creams yield what type of results, how to make them last, and more. The process seems just as long but she ended up … Here are… A wash-and-go is the perfect everyday hairstyle for when you want to wear your hair down and get your curls popping! When you add your conditioner, be deliberate with how you apply it to your strands. After being natural, I think that the essentials for a defined, long lasting wash and go are technique, products, and length. Since a wash and go is a wet set style, technique is of the utmost importance, as it directly affects the longevity of … I absolutely love the way they look and they last me 2 to 3 weeks. My name is Petra Lomax and I am the Editor in Chief at EmilyCottontop. 1. For us fine haired girls Eco styler gel might be way too heavy but if you can take it I say go for it. Regardless of what trends come and go, whitewashing and pickling have always been go-to ways to add rustic, cozy charm to a space. My preference is a water-based creamy conditioner over a spray conditioner because I love the coverage they provide. I prefer to air dry but if it’s a cold day, the diffuser will be on deck. It’s the perfect season to lay out in the sun and usher in your wash-and-go routine. If you touch it or play with your hair before it drys you will cause frizz. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Best Wash & Go Tutorials 1. Check out some of our favorites below! I'm always looking for the next big thing that is coming up in the healthy hair world, no matter if it is: relaxed , … Your email address will not be published. See more ideas about Wash and go, Natural hair styles, Curly hair styles. My hair wasn't super curly like the girls that I watched on YouTube and I didn't think that I could achieve the same look with my hair texture." When she’s not blogging she is probably crunching numbers as a Senior Financial Analyst, dancing or figuring a way to meet Beyonce in person. Category Archives: Best Wash n Go Techniques Two strand twist out. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you love how this simple style looks on other curlies, but can't seem to master the look on your own curls, get started with these tips from the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show to create a fabulous, frizz-tamed wash and go. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE & THUMBS UP VIDEO TO SHOW SUPPORT *Music: Original produced by AFRICANEXPORT -Filmed with: Canon T3i … Enjoy. I share my secrets for keeping my wash-and-go soft and shiny with wash and go natural hair products and styling techniques. Charlene is a previous beauty contributor to NaturallyCurly.com, CurlyNikki.com, and 21ninety.com. Nighttime Wash & Go - Hair Banding Technique - Duration: 7:25. Hi! A Wash and Go sounds very simple, but in reality it is an umbrella term for many different techniques, some of which require a lot more than actually washing and going. Products Used: Castor Oil for sealing and locking in moisture Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner Eco Styler Gel Denman Brush. My favorite part of this style is the take down. Steps: Pour a bead of paint directly … Originally created out of my love for natural hair and helping women embrace their curls things,  have changed a bit since then. Add enough leave in conditioner to cover all of your strands. The tried-and-true techniques are easy, low-budget means of quickly transforming furniture, walls, floors, ceilings and nearly any other wood surfaces you can think of. I also have a better understanding of my purpose. A wash-and-go is a hairstyle that enhances your natural hairstyle. It started out like the Max Hydration Method but she included other things such as shea butter and didn’t use some of the products in MHM.. The wash and go can seem like one of the quickest and simplest natural hairstyles, but sometimes its hard to perfect a wash and go that works for your curls. ... is prone to dulling and mildew growth over the years. Tangles. If I had to say that I’ve mastered one natural hair style, this would be it. The Curly Scientist 51,913 views. You have entered an incorrect email address! Hope you enjoy the journey throughout the blog! Leave a comment below and let’s talk! I really like the end result so much so that it has prompted me to do a quick video gallery for you all, it’s coming up soon and I’ll post it underneath this post. Dryness. For all the shorter-haired curly girls 2. I want to share a few tips along the way to save some of you newly naturalistas and transitioners some time on the learning curve! This technique works best on surfaces with high texture, such as rough or reclaimed wood, and creates a more rustic, barn wood look. If not find a light weight gel or styler that will define your curls but not weigh them down. Is there any such thing as a perfect wash and Go? Since 2014, I’ve grown as a woman, a daughter and a friend. First up, a great wash and go video by @ananijosie that highlights two very different textures & techniques. Once you add your leave in conditioner then add an oil of your choice to help your hair retain its moisture longer, preferably all week long until your next wash day. Some wash techniques need clear water for pre wetting paper or diluting the paint strength. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Don’t you just hate when someone tells you to try their method for a wash and go and it fails terribly? Mastering your wash and go can take a few attempts, a few months, and sometimes a few years. Charlene loves teaching other aspiring bloggers on how to take their passion and turn it into amazing content to provide value. Wash and gos can be easy once you get the hang of it and even though us curly girls have quite a few steps between the wash and the actual going part if you follow these steps it won’t feel like work. While the name makes it sound easy, there are certain steps that should be followed to ensure that curls look and behave their best … Causes How to moisturize. I have been a wash and go girl for as long as I can remember with just a few months of trying and failing at long term heat styling. I have been a wash and go girl for as long as I can remember with just a few months of trying and failing at long term heat styling. LiveNaturallyLove is a curly-haired girl on YouTube. Out of all of the brand's hair products, its curling gel soufflé is the best product for your wash and go. You can go back into a painted area and make corrections if needed. Here are 12 easy steps to help you wash your car like a pro in your own driveway. Oils. Shingling This is a technique that requires working in small … No matter what hair type you have, there's a tutorial made perfectly for you. Since gels and other curl definers can be a little bit drying, it is important to ensure that the hair is properly moisturized before the curl definer is applied to lock your definition in place. My two strand twist have been my go to protective style. Shampoo your hair with a sulfate free shampoo and ensure that your hair is free of any buildup that can cause dullness when you add your products. If you have been in the natural hair care world for a while you’ve probably recognized by now a wash and go routine is not a one size fits all type of thing. January 8, 2015 Best Wash n Go Techniques Kaykes. The name seems simple enough, you wash and you go. For strategic partnerships, advertising, and sponsored content ✉️ inquiries@emilycottontop.com. After years of styling her and several friends’ hair as a hobby, offering advice and tips, she decided to combine two of her favorite things…writing and talking about natural hair! Experts provide 8 tips to teach you how to finger a woman properly. This 2020 Grad Is Going Viral Because Of Her Afro, The Only Product You Will Need For Your Night Time Retwist, How To Install An HD Frontal Ponytail Wig, Christina Jenkins Is The African American Hair Dresser Who Invented The…, Stylist Feature – Short Hair Master @hairbykindrah_shx, Stylist Feature – @Metowi The Microlinks Master, From The Streets To The Salon – How This Stylist Beat…, Two Really Cute Styles Done By Stylist Janel Sealy Smith Of…, How To Get A Top Knot With The Awkward Length Stage, Stylist Feature: Dominique Evans Will Slay Your Hair With Her Razor Sharp Cuts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wash n go’s are a style option that can go oh so right or horribly wrong. Maybe. Here’s what you’ll need to complete the job: Gas … To bless and empower women. Dec 11, 2016 - Explore The Curly Girl Club's board "Best Wash & Go Techniques", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. Deep condition your hair afterwards to add moisture that is lost during the shampoo process. Empowering women through beauty, blogging and self-care,  Textured Talk is all about being transparent and motivating women to be their best selves. ... Go for a drive and show off your hard work. Sadly, it has taken me a few years to get my process perfect so I definitely feel your pain. "When I first went natural, I will admit that I was scared to try a wash and go. 4 Things You Can Do To Look Refreshed Before An Impromptu... Black Owned Online Store Sells School Supplies Dedicated To Black Culture, 11 Little Girls Rocking Fulani Inspired Braid Styles + Tutorial. Flip, coat, scrunch. Nothing new to see here, folks: I live in a wash and go. Luckily, the best way to brighten your home’s exterior is a thorough pressure washing. She has 4B/4C hair and recently uploaded this interesting wash and go technique. Saturated hair, Leave-in conditioner, Gel and mousse = The PERFECT Wash and go EVERY TIME! Type 2/3 wavy-curly @curlinOC uses the flip, coat, scrunch method to achieve her best Wash and Go. *Put your hair in the direction you want it to dry in while you are adding the style, *Use a finisher oil after your hair is dry to release the crunch of the gel, *Cover your hair at night with a satin bonnet so that your hair can last all week long. I've noticed that the best wash and go routines deliver defined natural textures and are shiny moisturized curls! Causes How to minimize. The major determining factor in the outcome is all in the products that you are using and how you use them. Charlene Walton McCraney is a Dallas beauty and lifestyle blogger. Technique #3 Paint and Drag: Supplies. This is one of her favorite wash and go routine that she does sparingly, I suppose doing it while in the shower has its draw backs. The technique and products to get the most defined wash and go for naturally curly girls. Tips include starting slow, using your tongue, and stimulating her clitoris and G-spot. Natural Hair Styles, Tutorials and Education. Wash and Go Techniques. The wash and go seems to be the bane of the natural’s existence. Simple as that. After going through these few steps, you should be able to rock your own wash-and-go. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a pro now, ... Reach for this nozzle when you need to pressure wash concrete around your house. I am a natural hair enthusiast and blogger for over 8 years. First, she starts with a sulfate-free shampoo (EO Essentials Lavender & Quinoa) on her roots and scalp, followed by a coconut water-based conditioner (Not Your Mother’s Blue Sea Kale & Pure … Types of Oils How to use Oils. ... it’s best to do this step by hand. Rake and Smooth Shingling Praying Hands. Achievable at home as well as in the salon, a wash and go (or wash ‘n go) is a method of cleaning and styling hair without the use of heat, protective styling or any other manipulation techniques. Wash and gos can be easy once you get the hang of it and even though us curly girls have quite a few steps between the wash and the actual going part if you follow these steps it won’t feel like work. Learning how to prep my hair properly came with time. 7:25. Wet on wet is also slightly more forgiving than a wet on dry technique. Without the right technique, this style can be tough to perfect. The key to a flawless wash and go is to allow the style to set untouched until your hair is 100% dry! 2. 4 Tips for achieving the best wash and go Wash and go stretched with the banding technique The basis of a great wash and go is clean moisturized hair. TexturedTalk.com was created to promote healthy hair care for women of all textures and has since evolved into other beauty and lifestyle topics. Required fields are marked *. Hope it’s helpful! This gel contains agave nectar and … Supplies: Wood; White paint; Plastic scrapper or wide putty knife; Technique #3 Paint and Drag: Steps. Not to mention, this basic, natural hairstyle for natural hair can also help some curlies maintain healthy hair and experience growth. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I am addicted to healthy hair care, and I get especially get excited about new techniques that pop up here and there. :), Find me on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook, Your email address will not be published. Hair porosity, and texture also play a major part in how your wash and go will turn out. Pick a … Yet, many women spend endless hours and a nice amount of pocket change trying to find the perfect combination of technique and products that will give them poppin’ curls. Wash and go tips for maintaining this popular natural hairstyle. Below are two of the best techniques for providing your Wash and Go plenty of curl definition. How do you get your best wash and go ever? Mastering the wash and go requires specific techniques and products that work best for your hair to deliver the desired look. Professionally I create content for small businesses who want to win in SEO and sales and I also write and market for my own collection of websites including ECT. There’s no better way to showcase your curls than through this technique. ... (read this article for more details on choosing the best brushes).
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