The Great Re-think (April 17 and 24, 2021)

A four-part series of webinars led by Colin Tudge.

No-one who is half-way alert, needs telling (do they?) that the world is in a terrible mess on every front: ecological, political, economic, social, personal. We need not and surely must not give up, for if we do, then the mess really will be terminal. But at this late hour, can we, realistically, turn things around?

In his latest book, The Great Re-Think, Colin Tudge argues that we can – but we need to re-think everything we take for granted, re-think everything in the light of everything else and (where necessary) re-structure.

Colin will be discussing the whole thesis with expert guests, and invited all participants to join in a lively discussion, ask questions or add comments.

Read more and get your tickets at The Great Re-Think – The Pari Center