Exploring radical perspectives on post-antropocenic economies.

Interested in the results of the workshop? Follow this link to the report, live illustrations and Miro board.

21/22/23 April 13:00-17:00

We would like to invite you to the Co-emerging Economies workshop where we will team up with multidisciplinary teams to creatively explore different economic possibilities and transitions. A workshop developed by Baltan Laboratories and Philips Design in collaboration with Avans University of applied science.

To ensure a well informed and critical approach, Godelieve Spaas and Lisanne Buik will lead the workshop groups,
each from their own background, perspectives and professional practice. Lisanne Buik is a multidisciplinary artist and futures designer operating at the intersection of ecology, technology and spirituality. Godelieve Spaas is a professor in new economy at Avans University of applied science. She is researcher, practitioner and creator of new ways of entrepreneurial organizing where ecology, society, economy all benefit from and interact seamlessly with each other. Godelieve is invited to guide the GAIA NARRATIVE during the workshop.

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