The Carrier 58CVA uses a variable speed motor. Hope this helped somewhat. Does anybody LIKE the pop-up downdraft vents for stoves? The ECM blower motor is electrically efficient and additional speed options enhance comfort. That's who I would call first thing this morning. A basic ac motor (alternating current) will be on the lower side of the spectrum costing closer to … This furnace is still an active model for Carrier. How do I get a good deal on the motor3. It can deliver the warmth and is designed to save you money. This will add to your total HVAC motor replacement cost, but it ensures that the job will get done right without compromising the performance of the other components of your furnace. Every furnace has a lifespan, in which they become worn down over time due to high usage and situational strain. Serial number of furnace might be helpful as well. Called a hvac technician and he identified that the blower motor needs to be replaced. If you have a Carrier furnace, then you are well aware of its high-end performance and efficiency. I can tell you I've solved tough problems just this last year alone on the first visit, but I've also had several calls that took two visits and one that took as many as 4. If I replace it, this will be the 4th furnace in this condo that was built in 1975. Costs can vary based on severity of the issue, installation fees, Carrier warranty and more. Furnace Blower Fan Motors for sale in Canada. I'm just confused as to why didn't he discover this in the first place. In some cases, your blower motor will be covered by Carrier warranty. 1/8 HP CCW 208-230V 1625 RPM, 2 Speed 42FR Blower Motor w/ 1/2" Shaft HC35KE231 1/8 HP CCW 208-230V 1625 RPM, 2 Speed 42FR Blower Motor w/ 1/2" Shaft SKU : HC35KE231 Brand : Carrier If your repair man lacks confidence the writing may be on the wall. Are furnaces that difficult to diagnose? The national average cost of a standard efficiency natural gas furnace ranges from $2,150 to $5,900 with most homeowners paying around $3,100. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 21. Trending at C $178.90 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. This article will help break down the cost factors to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay to replace your Carrier furnace motor. Warranty would start from date of installation. The technician gave an estimate of 1200$ for the new blower motor. How do I find the blower motor specs for my furnace, should I buy a carrier brand or a generic brand?2. But if it were a smoked capacitor then it means an over supply of current flow. Here are 9 top types to consider, If you're looking for a new hood for above your stove, you have a wide range (pun intended) of options, Get the dimensions that will let you fit one or more cars in your garage, plus storage and other needs, An avid home chef answers tricky questions about choosing the right oven, stovetop, vent hood and more, Get the best of both worlds with a kitchen that can hide or be in plain sight, thanks to doors, curtains and savvy design, Before you float away on visions of jets and bubbles and the steamiest water around, consider these very real spa tub issues, Learn what exactly spray foam is, the pros and cons of using it and why you shouldn’t mess around with installation, If you want to play rough with your driveway, put away the pavers and choose the rocky road, Rethinking the old grilling station? How much does a start assist cost for a York ac unit; How much should it cost to clean AC coils and blower? $83.12. AireFlo - Genteq Evergreen 3/4 HP 230 Volt Replacement X-13 Furnace Blower Motor. Dust on the compressor can limit cooling and cause failure. That grate requires a screw driver. Nidec. Regarding the comment by HU-923902369, please don't waste money on a recirculating ventilation system. You made be able to fit a generic brand, but I would not recommend it. #8 A1585, 1/3HP Furnace Blower Motor, 115V, 1075RPM, 6.1AMP View Product #9 Nordic Pure 20x25x4/20x25x5 (19 7/8 x 24 7/8 x 4 3/8) Honeywell FC100A1037 Replacement Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters MERV 12, Box of 1 We have a Carrier geothermal system that is 11 years old. Carrier Gas Furnace Prices. Among the parts that could be causing the problem include a malfunctioning igniter, flame sensor, or draft inducer fan motor.Repair Clinic can show you how to determine which part may be to blame, but better still, we can ship you a replacement part fast. Repairing a furnace igniter will only cost you $300 at most.Flame sensor repairs fall between $75 to $250. Carrier furnaces provide the optimal combination of comfortable heating and energy efficiency—which means you’ll save more money while doing your part for the environment. FREE Shipping by Amazon. I don't think ECM motors (variable speed motors) have capacitors. A new furnace costs between $800 and $1,500 for professional installation. $340.00. If you are not sure about the diagnosis then get a a second quote. Thanks! All Rights Reserved. Be sure to check before you hire a serviceman. Thirty minutes later, I get a message that it still isn't so Tech has to come back. The blower fan motor in most air conditioners has three speed settings - low, medium and high. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. 5KCP39* ----- HAVE FULL PART NUMBER READY SO WE CAN MATCH YOUR GENTEQ MOTOR. ©2020 ACE Home Services. I searched on the web to find the cost of the part but found motor parts that were between 150 - 500$. Available to you when you need us the most; contact your friends at ACE Home Services today by calling (602) 943-2000. $211.98 $ 211. Condensation Hose Replacement Kit Carrier Bryant 324806-755. Had to go through a reset procedure yo get it working again. In addition to the company fees of the technicians you have contracted for the job, you will need to factor in the cost of parts. I'm in Oceanside, CA and generally have my furnace serviced every year. FREE Shipping. Aug 26, 2020. The Comfort™ 92 condensing gas furnace delivers on energy efficiency, achieving 92.1% AFUE. It also assures you quieter performance. I really dislike putting a AHU in the attic, you are making it work harder because the attic is so much hotter than the outside air. Your furnace has a high-limit sensor and switch. I know I have the 2 speed motor...would that be something that causes more wear on on the unit. You are paying for a service, it is their job to diagnose it. $206.94 $ 206. Most motors need to be oiled every year by a certified technician. They mostly care what their friends and co-workers will think of their choices of decor and appliances, and hopefully not judge them for a home that smells like a rancid steamy seafood buffet. If so, your current furnace size (BTU's) and placement is good. I also ended up printing out the complete installation instructions. If the furnace is constantly breaking down all the time, only then would it be worthwhile to investigate a replacement. If your furnace needs a new squirrel cage fan, also known as a blower wheel, then you can expect to pay a bit more, about $250-$600 total. Thank you for your input. Carrier Bryant Furnace Control Board Upgrade Kit 325878-751. Backed by the intelligent Infinity control and a variable-speed blower, this two stage furnace will run in low stage up to 90% of the time. I've seen so many homes where people paid $3500.00 + for a ventilator , and never use it. If the thermostat turns the system on, more often than not... the problem is with the system and not the thermostat. Furnace Draft Exhaust/Inducer Vent Venter Motor Direct Replacement for Payne. So this visit, since it was an economical fix and I now have renters, I had them replace the thermostat that they again told me was working fine. Our experienced and certified heating technicians will come to your home, examine your furnace, and perform a furnace blower motor replacement at a great price. Or it might start, fire up and then shut down. Screeching/Squealing: If you hear these noises, you should probably assume your blower motor or inducer is damaged or worn out. Repairing or replacing your furnace’s blower motor can cost you anywhere between $150 and $1,500, depending on the extent of the damage.Heat exchanger costs can vary from as little as $100 for a simple fix to as much as $1,500 for a full replacement. I don't recall having any problems except with the thermostat which they kept telling me works fine when it doesn't. It is burnt out (were his words). Many people spend thousands on venting hoods, and downdrafts, most do not work well for many reasons. My furnace is a Carrier weathermaker home comfort series. Using up leftover batt insulation in attic?? See, Keep your kitchen clean and your home's air fresh by understanding all the options for ventilating via a hood fan, Don't send budget dollars up in smoke when you need new kitchen ventilation. The motor itself only costs $65-$110, but you will most likely end up paying more than this. FREE Shipping. How do I make sure the issue is with the motor? With that said, a HVAC repairman must have a good understanding of controls as well as the problems HVAC equipment has that tends to mimic one to believe there is a problem with a thermostat. How often do you clean under or behind your fridge? Apparently, he had concerns with my furnace and said to call in a Tech. It is cycling on and off and not producing heat. The True Price Range For Blower Motor Replacement In Denver As long as you choose from the top-tier of the best furnace repair companies here in Denver, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $1,600. $253.54 $ 253. Lennox Blower Motor Replacement Cost. When it comes to how much does it cost to replace a furnace blower motor, there are two main factors. It should be done in one day and is usually carried out by two technicians. 94. Now they are pricing repairing over replacing and have suggested I would be throwing money away to repair this blower motor. Increased comfort – Because a furnace ECM motor runs a longer cycle at a lower output most of the time, heating and cooling is more consistent and rooms avoid the temperature spikes and sags common with on/off PSC blowers. Thermostat problems can mimic or hide other problems with your HVAC system. Carrier is usually good about providing detailed diagnostic documentation to troubleshoot a problem. Patricia, I did find out the answer, but since we changed our kitchen design, we are no longer going with a down draft, and I forgot the answer. If Carrier sucks I sure don't want to install another In my Carrier Infinity furnace, the motor and the control module are separate parts. Technical Hot and Cold has been in heating and cooling since 1991 and first released their parts website, in 2011. With that said, in order to get a furnace to the 20 year mark and beyond will require repairs at various intervals. It will cost more if you have additional work to do to get it up and running. The price may vary based on brand, complexity of install, and the efficiency of the new unit. They may ask you for bread crumbs as in how the system is operating, this is perfectly fine to give technician clues as to where to look. Intermittent type problems can be very difficult to diagnose properly. Is he just guessing or is this the problem? Motors usually begin making noise before failing, but occasionally seize up or burn out quickly.When the blower motor quits, your furnace might not start at all. You Need a Fan. What dealer installed the furnace? Sure you can replace the furnace to fix it again, but how much money are you throwing away by not just fixing the old furnace? On average, a Carrier blower motor replacement costs $150-$500. ROC LIC 283290, 28686 | Privacy Policy. That condition is probably caused by something else failing in the circuit so putting in a new capacitor may not be the complete fix. Hello.. Our furnace stopped working this week, makes a loud noise when turned on. Cost to Replace Central or Forced Air Blower Motor. Find the Right Kind for You, Kitchen Confidential: All Good in the Hood, A Cook’s 6 Tips for Buying Kitchen Appliances, Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off Too, Dreaming of a Spa Tub at Home? Has anyone tried the BEST Cattura downdraft vent? 54. Furnace blower motors will vary in cost depending on the type of motor. In some cases, by doing this, you can repair or replace the HVAC blower motor yourself. A PSC motor has an expected service life of only 50,000 hours or eight years before replacement is required. It will do absolutely nothing for smoke , odors and very little for grease. It shuts itself off. Replacing an old furnace costs between $2,000 and $6,000 based on a national average.Things like the type of furnace (electric, gas or oil), how efficient the unit is and the brand name impact not only the furnace price itself, but the installation cost, too. But this takes work and knowledge. Intermittent HVAC problems can take more than one visit sometimes. 115V 240V. I'm hoping one of you can help with my question. If the HVAC repairman is suggesting you to replace a furnace because you're throwing money away on a part to repair the old one what happens if you put in a new furnace and the same problem happens with the new one a short time later? I pull off the grate on the front an vacuum every three months or do. In the case that your furnace isn’t working, there are many things that could be wrong, which is why it’s important to hire an experienced and professional serviceman. Can HVAC ducts be replaced without opening up walls? Low pressure error in radiant heat system. Carrier Bryant Blower Wheel LA22LA095. SDG&E came out to look at my furnace and verify the dryer gas line was functional (renter called them out). First stop is to see if motor is covered by your warranty. or Best Offer +C $150.48 shipping. Replacing both parts is much easier, but costly to the homeowner. FREE Shipping. Many homeowners are unaware that this component of their furnace even exists. I came across this while looking for information on a repair that we had done recently. Does any technician give a free estimate these days? On average nationwide, a furnace blower motor replacement costs $400-$600, including parts and labor. to solve your upper level problem. The previous owners have installed the unit but the manual's warranty says 5yrs on parts. Featured image credit: Surasak_Photo/Shutterstock. Before you look for a HVAC blower motor replacement, it is a good idea to troubleshoot the problem and confirm that it is actually the blower motor assembly that is causing the problem.. Belted Motors, Direct Drive Motors, Belly Band Motors, Modules, Motors with control boards, Motors with brackets. $198.10 $ 198. When was it installed? Maybe Carrier is not a good brand? 4 furnaces = 80 years with an average replacement cycle of 20 years as an example. Additionally, the manufacturer of the unit also plays a role in the pricing. Have all paperwork/documentation in front of you when you call. Based on your response to the question above, this sounds like it could be in the ballpark. On average, a Carrier blower motor replacement costs $150-$500. 4.9 out of 5 stars 10. Humming: Your fan motor is probably going to make a bit of noise, but if it’s to the point of disruption, you might need a furnace blower motor replacement. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. If your furnace needs a new squirrel cage fan, also known as a blower wheel, then you can expect to pay a bit more, about $250-$600 total. It is probably not a bad capacitor. What is the cost of Blower/fan replacement for Trane AC/Frunace AUD1C080A9H41BB, American Standard condenser? Distributors for Fasco, Century, Rotom, US Electric Motors and more. Carrier Bryant Blower Wheel LA22ZA118. I say this so you understand the challenge. If you are are having issues with your Carrier blower motor, then it’s time to call a company you can trust. Installed Carrier gas furnaces typically range in pricing from $1,400 to $5,000 for a typical home. I need help in understanding the furnace repair costs -1. A true HVAC repair man is a dying breed. If the furnace is less than 10 years old then you should be covered by the parts warranty. When this happens, most homeowners first thought is “how much is this furnace replacement cost going to set me back?”. Cold air falls and warm air rises. If you are are having issues with your Carrier blower motor, then it’s time to call a company you can trust. Longer, low-stage run times give you better energy efficiency, better temperature control and increased comfort. Radiant floor heating - want warm floors, cool room, Help! $178.95. Here’s how to pack more function and style into your backyard cooking zone, How to Choose the Right Hood Fan for Your Kitchen, Love to Cook? Here you can find Carrier parts for your heating and cooling needs. Read This Pro Advice First, Insulation Basics: What to Know About Spray Foam, Gravel Driveways: Crunching the Pros and Cons. And yes, the cost can actually vary that much between companies for the exact same blower motor repair. However, a friend told me that based on the symptoms (burning smell, intermittent operation), the problem might have been a faulty capacitor which would have been far less expensive to replaced. On average this is between $500-$1800. I think the motors are made by GE. 4.7 out of 5 stars 132. If your blower motor breaks down, then your furnace is not able to blow hot air throughout your home. A single-speed blower motor costs around $450 to replace while a variable-speed motor costs $600+. Central AC Replacement Quotes and Job Descriptions. Furnaces (most models and brands) typically last over 20 years as the heat exchanger is in most cases what typically determines time to replace unless you are upgrading to increase air conditioning efficiency. We have a Carrier furnace and the model number is 58cva070. Quality Carrier Furnace Parts From Repair Clinic. The technician gave an estimate of 1200$ for the new blower motor. 4.9 out of 5 stars 29. Those prices sound about right for a variable speed OEM motor. 98. I know you only have the information I provided, but any input would be greatly appreciated. Being that these components are very expensive, I would not want to replace both of them if it were not necessary. C $130.91. $81.45. ... 1.5 hp 1725 RPM 208-230V HD56FL651 Carrier Replacement Motor # 1419.