'oboard graphics: enable/disable/auto' and 'Onboard first, PCI first, PEG (PCI express) first, PEG2 (PCI-express slot#2 first, etc etc If so, make sure the monitor is plugged into the right graphics port. Boot. A normal third option would be. As stated by you: not present. The Switchable Graphics allows you to switch between using the Intel graphics and a discrete graphics … Thus, the internal graphics card will always be enabled, even if a PCI or PCI-E graphics card is plugged on the motherboard. MSI Fast boot. Otherwise, why would you need to enable onboard graphics, right? I'm wondering if I should buy a rtx 2060 graphics card or if that is overkill and I buy a 1660. Intel7 9700k Msi mpg z390 gaming edge AC motherboard Ram-g. skill ripsaw 16 gb Ssd-barracuda 120 series 500 gb Case.. deepcool matrexx 50 ADD midtown Power- corsair rm 750w 80+gold fully modular at Cooling- cool master hyper 212 rgb. Boot order priorities. I have done all the things possible i think but still no luck, i have le latest drivers i have rolled back drivers on Nvidia side i have no idea what to do please help Enable boot configuration settings. So there is onboard and a separate graphics card? This simply is poor design. It used to be that you had to disable/enable one or the other in Device Manager, when connecting. Security. both Integrated and dedicated grapics to the same monitor, but it looks like the Cpu graphics multi-monitor option in my BIOS makes. Back. Hard drive priorities. GOP Information. Look for display settings and it should say PCI-E change it to integrated graphics. Then, select the "Always Enable" value. Please up vote if it helped. Hi MY MSI GE 62 2QC keeps on using my integrated 'intel HD 5600 graphics card and not the Nvidia 960M. Settings to wake-up from LAN, PCI-E, USB and PS/2 devices. Then, select the "Init Display First" option and select the "Onboard" value to use the internal graphics card instead of the PCI or PCI-E graphics card plugged on the motherboard. Perfect, so the onboard graphic is working as expected! Secure Boot. The systems are used to test video cards to ensure proper functionality, but with the onboard video still enabled, I don't feel it's working properly. Thank you. The thing is that he's experiecing some crashes when he uses the 6800 but it seems you can't install the drivers without the graphics card and while on the bios when changing the Primary Graphics Device to PCI won't use the onboard. Sadly I have seen this before, even when inserting a non graphics card (it was a HW RAID card) into a generic PCI-e slot. Wake up event Setup. All the owners manual says is when the lighted power button is white it's in UMA onboard graphics mode. it possible to switch between them on a single monitor simply by selecting Display 1 or 2 in the Display Settings. Noted: Secure Erase can only be used for SSD hard disk in AHCI MODE. MSI GE65 Raider GTX1660Ti Is mode selection done automatically by the machine or is it something I have control over? Secure Erase+. In order to use the onboard graphics and 2 video cards, your computer needs to support or have the Switchable Graphics feature. At work we just bought two MSI boards to replace two old systems for testing. Pickup & Return Use this online based form to request for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Downloads Receive the latest software, ... Identify MSI Barcodes How to identify MSI Product Serial Number. Graphics Card Support. Live Update Updating BIOS … Re: how to enable onboard graphics and video card at the same time on evga z87 ftw motherb 2014/10/24 07:20:58 i had the same issue lol NOW my problem is i cant get into bios when using my graphics card only the onboard graphics Enable boot mode settings. Go to your bios setting. When it's glowing amber it's in Discrete GPU mode(GTX1660Ti).