While the Dynamic Gold is as popular as ever, True Temper still continues to find new ways to give golfers fresh options to optimize their iron performance. Shaft question from a beginner: DG S300 stiff vs. KBS tour stiff vs. Project 6.5; what is the difference and whats better? True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 Professional Pull-Out Shafts. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts provide the same power, control and the trademark penetrating ball flight associated with the entire series of Dynamic Gold irons shafts. Shown here is the EI profile of the Dyanamic Gold S300. During the swing, the Elevate Tour felt very stable but smoother than Dynamic Gold. Trimming Instructions The #1 Shaft On Tour, Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Now Available At Hireko Golf! Kim Braly Signature (KBS) Tour Shafts was formed in early 2008 and has rapidly become the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry. Dynamic Gold 120 represents the best performance benefits of both a tour-caliber design and a lightweight steel shaft. I was able to flight the ball and work it both ways. Nippon recently introduced a new extra-heavy steel shaft with raw weights in the 132- to 139-gram range, although it will dip into the high 120s after trimming. Ns PRO 950 gh. Golf Logo. 50 Words or Less. But last night both Project X 6.0 and KBS Tour Stiff shafts felt much better - just a much more responsive feel throughout the swing. The shafts, which are likely to measure around 115 grams based on the nomenclature, are designed as lightweight options for golfers who are already playing lightweight irons shafts, according to a True Temper representative. The trusty Dynamic Gold shafts have been on the market FOREVER and still dominate the OEM market and PGA Tour. One of their more recent efforts is the True Temper AMT Tour White shaft. I have been told that using the X100 will give me more control and possible block the left side of the golf course while hitting a fade. $7.50 shipping. Available in .355" taper tip diameter, R300, S300 and X100. They're not for everybody, though. Testing showed about one degree higher launch than a Dynamic Gold 120 and similar launch to an OBAN CT 115 and KBS $ Taper in similar flex. The Tour Issue steel shafts have a Tour Only weight tolerance of +/- .5 grams for custom precision fitting. C-Tapers may/may not have felt better for me, but they hadn't been released at that stage - and are just a bit more of a 'hitter's' shaft from what I understand. Most wedges come with a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft. Ive got DG S300 shafts in my 710 CBs at the moment, and I always thought True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts were pretty awesome. I have found, in a very short space of time, the kbs give me a higher ball flight and a slightly longer carry, although this also could be the change of … All shafts were gripped with PURE Grips. Are the KBS tour X-stiff much "stiffer" than DG S300? Again, I am new at this and I would like to know how each shaft differs from each other and how they can benefit the average golfer's play. I've had a couple of hits with with a soft X that actually felt better (less harsh) than PX5.5. First, all tests were done with a Mizuno MP-15 6 iron and a Callaway Chrome Soft ball. Testing was done on a FlightScope X2 launch monitor. Same stability that good players require. Shafts are used but in good condition. Dynamic Gold is the undisputed king of iron shafts. Pro Modus3 105, Dynamic Gold, XP 95 and Project X LZ offered at no upcharge. I just got fitted for new Irons over the weekend and went with the kbs x flex 120g shafts … True Temper is a staple in golf shafts throughout the modern era of golf. True Temper and KBS make a variety of shafts that launch the ball high, low, medium and in multiple weight and spin options. 4 years ago. Call it placebo effect if you will, but I did feel like the Elevate had a cleaner impact sensation than other shafts. S300 Vs KBS Tour Vs Px 6.0 - posted in Golf Equipment: Hey Folks, I was out demoing some irons at Thornleigh Golf Centre last night. I've played S300 in a couple of sets (MP30, CB201) and KBS Tours in another (V-Muscles). Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts are much more closer in frequency (From the #3 iron, to your PW, etc. $18.00 to $20.00. The Dynamic Gold Family is the Gold Standard by which all other irons shafts are measured. True Temper Dynamic Gold TI 120 shaft is a great new addition to the Dynamic Gold line. It is the most successful shaft in the history of golf and still continues to dominate on professional tours each and every year. Tapered shafts narrow considerably toward the tip, while parallel shafts remain fairly wide. We spotted new True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shafts at the 2017 FedEx St. Jude Classic. Launch: True to spec, these are a mid launch shaft. KBS Tour-V Iron Shaft. They were tested against a set of Dynamic Gold S300 shafts that were installed in the exact same heads. Dynamic Gold uses Variable Wall Technology and a tour-proven step pattern to provide exceptional performance for serious golfers. ... KBS Tour 130. There's a difference between True Temper's Dynamic Gold and Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts — but it has nothing to do with performance. Shaft Review Dynamic Gold Tour 120S I am extremely impressed with this shaft and it did everything I asked it to do. KBS shafts are long known for their exceptional feel and quality performance, but like most shaft companies, the world of modern club fitting and technology has caused them to offer a wider range of options to fit different swing types. And 1 KBS Tour Shaft, All are.355 Taper Tip. Project X vs. All tests were done with either a Mizuno JPX-919 Tour or PXG 0311 6 iron. Your desired swingweight would be easier to dial in a tad more than the DG. Designed with the exact same profile and launch as the Dynamic Gold in a weight that even stronger players will find is easier to swing. Get the best deals on Dynamic Gold S300 Golf Club Shafts when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Dynalite and Dynamic Gold shafts come in either parallel tip or tapered versions. 8- Shafts Total. True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Iron Shafts are lightweight steel with tour level performance. While we did not do a comparison to the KBS C-Taper Lite and Nippon 950 GH, I will share my thoughts on where those two shafts fit with the XP 105, XP 115 and Tour 105. The Elevate Tour actually felt similar to my gamer, the KBS C-Taper Lite. The TM fitter said the kbs was a less spinner, all be it, both are the same weight. Engineered to be easier to swing, delivering the control and accuracy expected from the Dynamic Gold brand while adding distance from the increased club head speed produced by the lighter overall weight. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue is the Gold Standard by which all other iron shafts are measured. We reviewed the True Temper 105 and 115 shafts against the KBS Tour 105.