I checked all fuses and none are blown . Asked by in Tampa, FL on . All dash lights on while car is running, system not charging and car eventually dies. Also, when I do reinsert the fuse in my vehicle my rear lights and running lights stay on. When you first turn a car on, all lights should illuminate as this is a “bulb check” to show you which bulbs in the cluster are good and which ones are not. When the switch is flipped on, all 4 corner lights stay on without the key: the front running lights and the rear parking lights. When I turned the car off I noticed that the running lights were still on, the dash indicators for abs, oil and seatbelt were still on. June 27, 2018. Good battery, just had. I have an 02 f150 7700 series fx4 with the 5.4. Wonder where relay module is located? Dash lights won\'t turn off. Tried replacing headlamp switch, also saw battery was bad (only held about 11 1/2 volts so replaced battery. Do you. All dash symbol meanings explained and what action to take. If you pull the headlight switch on and then push off, they still stay on. DASH LIGHTS STAY ON WHEN KEY IS OFF I HAVE CHECKED HEAD LIGHT SWITCH ALL RELAYS AN FUSES TRUCK IS 1998 V8 FORD PICK UP F150. Since I did that everytime I exit my vehicle my running lighjts and dash lights turn on and drains by battery. It is most likely the sitch that controls the running and dash board lights. All my dash lights are coming on and then my car is shutting off. My driver side door windows doesn't go down any more so am not sure if that might be the issue. The only disadvantage to this feature is that I’m so used to having the lights automatically come on and off that while driving a Ford Taurus last week on a trip that is company car, I would forget to turn the lights off and a warning buzzer would sound when I turned the key off. The car with a key symbol is the Nissan Rogue security warning light. After I get it jumped, the check engine lights stays on and its fine, but after a day or so all the lights come back on and the car shuts back off. Daytime running lights stay on after car is turned off. I started the car, then noticed the dash lights were on before I turned on the lights by the switch. Rear running lights stay on when car is off. The check engine light is off when I start the car but it turns on after a few seconds. So every time I park my car at night I have to take out a fuse so the lights won't come on. ... All ford vehicles have power to the headlamp switch even while the car is off. June 27, 2018. No luck, same problem. Fort he last month or so all of the lights on, including on the left hand side the Advancetrac - park aide -and another one in our car come on at random times and the steering gets a little tough. My battery has died several times because of this. Hi i have a 2007 audi a3 2.0 tdi i changed the front dip headlight bulb on sunday morning and got into the car to start it and noticed i had no lights comimg on on the dash or any of the gauges working, tried to start the car but it keeps cutting out after 1 or 2 seconds like the immobiliser is killing it? ... 2003 ford f150 running lights come on without turning them on by the headlight switch. but my dash lights glow from very faint hard to see to glowing like a x mas tree at times Moreover, because of being passionate to learn about the recent happenings in auto industry, he doesn’t only provide great car maintenance tips, he also always updates latest trends in among car brands and share them in his own interesting viewpoint. Brake light, coolant light, oil light, everything. The ignition warning light, sometimes known as the no-charge light, is one of the most important lights on your dashboard . I do check every time I leave the car but its hard to tell by the dash lights or car lights in bright daylight.